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The large, round, plastic robot head is part of SpaceX's latest supply delivery to the International Space Station. This means that CIMON can "float" at the station, which is zooming for astronauts who call on its name and shout in response to questions.

CIMON has been trained to recognize the voice and face of Alexander Gerst, 42, a geophysicist with the European Space Agency.

The International Space Station (ISS) has already brought astronauts from many different countries together, but they will soon be joined by an entirely new type of crew member - a floating, ball-shaped robot with an AI inside. It is developed by Airbus in collaboration with IBM.

A former astronaut helped arrange the delivery for the space station's Serena Aunon-Chancellor, a coffee lover. However, it will also show images or videos as needed. Gerst will initially work with his new AI colleague on three tasks: experimenting with crystals, solving a Rubik's cube, and conducting a "complex medical experiment using CIMON as an "intelligent" flying camera", Airbus said.

Roughly the size of a volleyball and weighing 5 kilograms, CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) will float through the zero-gravity environment of the space station because of a system of fans.

"It will come to him when he speaks".

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The flight got underway at 5:42 a.m. EDT (09:42 GMT) with the CRS-15 Dragon spacecraft perched atop the approximately 230-foot (70-meter) tall F9. This is the third time the company has blown both an updated dragon and the Falcon 9 for NASA.

Live coverage of the rendezvous and capture will air on NASA Television beginning at 5:30 a.m. Monday, July 2. SpaceX will discard B1045 after liftoff, so don't expect a landing at the Cape or on a drone ship.

"We have implemented this experiment in a very short time". It said in a press statement that it wouldn't attempt to recover Falcon 9's first stage.

CIMON was launched from Florida by a SpaceX rocket along with food and supplies for the crew aboard the ISS.

Aiming to lower launch costs by reusing rockets, SpaceX did not retrieve the booster for another flight and instead ditched it in the Atlantic.

Weather is not expected to be an issue Friday with U.S. Air Force Weather officials predicting a near flawless forecast with 90 percent "go" conditions for the instant launch window.