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For the past nine days, rescue teams have battled through thick dirt and high water to try to find the boys and their coach.

"The best option is to leave them where they are and stabilize their environment", said Peter Wolf, the national director of the Cave Divers Association of Australia told the Guardian. "Monday. You have been here 10 days". "I haven't had anything to eat".

Then the boy breaks into English, saying, "Eat, eat, eat", to which another voice responds in Thai that he already told that to the rescuer.

"Thai Navy SEALs have found all 13 with signs of life", Narongsak Osottanakorn, the governor of the Chiang Rai province, told reporters. "We will bring food to them and a doctor who can dive. But the operation isn't over", he said in comments broadcast nationwide, referring to the complicated process of extricating them.

(CBS4) - Twelve boys and their coach alive were found alive Monday, after spending more than a week trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Aisha Wiboonrungrueng, the mother of one of the boys, smiled and hugged family members. Rescue divers are advancing in the main passageway inside the flooded cave in northern Thailand where the boys and their coach have been missing more than a week.

They disappeared when flooding trapped them after entering the Tham Luang Nang Non cave on June 23. Reymenants said the team was found in the dark and wet underground web of tunnels in the jungle of northern Thailand about a day after rescuers spotted fresh writing on a wall of one of the passageways.

Mr Narongsak thanked the more than 1,000 people - foreign and Thai, in teams and individually - who had worked and helped to coordinate the rescue operation.

A team of more than 30 American military personnel from the US Pacific Command, including pararescue and survival specialists, arrive at the site in the evening.

The captivating search for the group brought in cave rescue experts from the United States military, the UK, China and Australia.

He said that "if the dives are hard then supply (ing the group on site) will be hard, but the risk of trying to dive them out is also exponentially greater". "We think them being athletic and strong is something in their favor".

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Photographs from the scene showed joyful relatives looking at a picture on an iPad taken by one of the divers.

He added: "If the dives are hard then supply will be hard, but the risk of trying to dive them out is also exponentially greater".

The rescue operation is unsafe, Osatanakorn told reporters.

Although experts didn't know at press time what kind of food - if any - the boys had with them, White said it was possible they could have been rationing provisions that they brought in with them: "But that's speculation".

"The narrow passages are going to make it hard to get the equipment and medical gear and manpower to them".

The news comes just hours after footage was broadcast showing the moment the searchers discovered the group.

Divers have been hampered by muddy water rising up in sections of the cave and forcing rescuers to withdraw over safety concerns, according to the AP reports.

Divers reach a T-junction several kilometres inside the cave but are forced back by rushing floodwaters that clog a narrow crevice near Pattaya Beach.

Narongsak explained earlier Monday that fixing rope lines and deploying oxygen tanks along their route will allow the divers to operate.

The ABC's Southeast Asia correspondent Liam Cochrane said the group was found nearly 4km inside the mountain. While some attempt to pump water out of the caves, divert nearby ground water or find an alternate opening that can give them access to the team.

He said other efforts will continue, such as draining water from the cave and exploring the mountainside for shafts and other entrances to the caverns below.