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Reports indicate "Impeach 45" clothing is made by a number of manufacturers, some of which also produce items featuring with the "Make America Great Again" and "Donald Trump Speaks For Me" slogans. The shirts that come in several shades - plus similar baby onesies and even frisbees - have the twitter-sphere in a frenzy and spurred a grassroots call to boycott the world's biggest retailer.

The call for a Walmart boycott seemingly picked up steam as conservative media outlets spread the word about the shirts.

Apparel sold on Walmart's website sparks outrage for its sentiment against President Trump.

In 2016, for example, Walmart stopped selling apparel that read "Bulletproof - Black Lives Matter", when a police organization said the company was "profiting from racial division".

The "Impeach 45" shirt was sold by Old Glory, a third-party seller using Walmart's Marketplace platform.

It's not the first time Walmart has caused a stir. As noted by Bloomberg, the real sellers are companies such as Old Glory and Teespring Inc., which advertise on Walmart's website and give the retail giant a cut of the profits.

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In all of those cases, Walmart removed the products after consumer complaints, rather than screening them beforehand.

Walmart's Marketplace has given the company headaches over which items to permit.

Walmart has not commented on the merchandise.

Last November, Walmart drew ire over a shirt on its site that sported the phrase "Rope". Third-party sellers on the website also offer a slew of other politicized products, including "IMPEACH OBAMA" and "IMPEACH NIXON" license plates.

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