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As reported by Andy last week, Bethesda sued the publisher after alleging Westworld contains the same bugs as its own free-to-play simulation game. That serves as a large part of Bethesda's complaint, which claims that Behaviour took code from one game and carried it onto another project. Warner Bros. chose to hire the same developer, Behaviour Interactive, that helped Bethesda with Fallout Shelter, and Bethesda claims that Behavior Interactive shared copyrighted code with Warner Bros.to create the new game. Bethesda's mobile game remains a popular title since launching back in 2015.

Bethesda has released a new gameplay trailer for Fallout 76 highlighting the new Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P.) and how players will be able to use it to build settlements and craft all sorts.

Shortly following its release, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against WB Games and Behaviour Interactive over their mobile Westworld game, based on the hit HBO series of the same name.

Drake just revealed that he has a son
Drake's successes are definitely hard to match, but on this album he shouts out someone he deems to be a peer: Adele . In " Emotionless ", he raps: "I wasn't hidin' my kid from the world/I was hidin' the world from my kid".

The statement goes on to say that Behaviour Interactive also disagrees with Bethesda's accusations: "Warner Bros. has been assured by the game developer, Behaviour Interactive, that Bethesda's allegations are untrue and that none of Bethesda's code was used in the Westworld game".

Warner Bros. has responded to the legal challenge from Bethesda Softworks. At first glance, it is easy to see some of the similarities between the two games, but arguing over code in a court room can be a tricky process. We will keep you posted on developments in the case as they arise.