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Hopefully, this issue gets resolved quickly, because until it does, there's no guarantee of privacy for people using Samsung's default texting app. Another reported that their device sent photos to their wife. Some users on the forum are complaining that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are also facing the issue. One Reddit user said that at about 2:30 am last night, his entire photo gallery was sent to his girlfriend.

Samsung has confirmed that it is aware of the reports, and a spokesperson said in a statement that the company is looking into whether there's root cause.

For one owner, the issue was even worse as the Messages app sent out their full gallery to one of their contacts in the middle of the night. "We encourage any customers who may have questions or concerns to contact their local Customer Service Center at 1-800-SAMSUNG". And that is possibly how the photos were being shared without leaving any trace on the Samsung Messages app. "However, there was record of it on mobile logs", one Redditor posted less than a week ago.

A spokeswoman for Samsung Australia confirmed the company was investigating the problem but had yet to verify if it was a bug and whether Australians could be affected.

Samsung's Android Go Phone won't run stock Android
Other than some stylus-specific spec bumps, the S-Pen has remained relatively unchanged since the original Galaxy Note. Those features will be enabled, thanks to Bluetooth, which is confirmed as an S Pen feature according to the FCC .

In all cases, it appears the photos were sent to people on the phone owners' contacts list.

Numerous incidents seem to be affecting phones with T-Mobile, a carrier that recently rolled out updates with their RCS "advanced messaging" service.

Samsung is due to unveil its next handset, the Galaxy Note 9, during an event in NY on 9 August. Rich Communication messaging enhances the features in the regular messenger app and allows users to share different types of media over the Samsung Messenger app. This means you won't be able to send any stored data, like photos or saved messages, through text.

For those of you looking for a workaround while the company tries to fix the problem, your options appear to be going into your device's app settings and revoking "Samsung Messages' ability to access storage".