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Venezuelans started gathering Monday to march in support of President Nicolás Maduro, after a failed drone attack against him during a speech at a military parade. But the drones malfunctioned, he added - one hitting a nearby apartment building, the other crashing after getting disoriented by government jamming signals.

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro holding a press conference in Caracas, Venezuela.

Maduro was unharmed during the attack, but seven soldiers were injured. Videos from the Venezuelan public broadcaster show Maduro, along with a gang of military leaders on stage, suddenly look up to the sky.

The alleged attack involved two drones, each carrying a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of the plastic explosive C4, which Reverol said on state television is "capable of causing effective damage over a 50-meter (164-foot) radius".

"If the government of Venezuela has hard information that they want to present to us that would show a potential violation of USA criminal law, we'll take a serious look at it", he said.

An obscure group calling itself the Movimiento Nacional Soldados de Franelas - or the "National Movement of Soldiers in T-shirts", according to Reuters' translation - appeared to claim responsibility on social media over the weekend, saying Saturday that its two drones were shot down by snipers. But the government did not disclose their identities, nor did it release further evidence from the scene.

"Everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian ultra-right, and that the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack".

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On Sunday, Venezuelan officials arrested six people for their alleged involvement in the assassination attempt, and other than Interior Minister Reverol's assertion that those arrested are "terrorists and hired killers", we know little else about them.

"We are determined, determined to defend our homeland, our constitution, our democracy, our institutions", he said.

The moment the explosions rang out, President Maduro's bodyguards surrounded him but images have emerged at the same moment, showing soldiers in formation, breaking rank and fleeing chaotically. Foreign nations, including the United States, are slapping economic sanctions on a growing list of high-ranking Venezuelan officials and decrying his government as an autocratic regime.

So far, Maduro has offered no proof to back up the charges of Colombian or United States involvement.

The thwarted attack comes as Venezuela is reeling from a worsening economic and humanitarian crisis and Maduro has grown increasingly isolated.

Last year, a rogue Venezuelan police officer hijacked a helicopter and fired at government buildings in what he said was an action against a dictator.

Maduro this year brought forward to May presidential elections that - after they were boycotted by the opposition and key opposition figures were declared ineligible - handed him a new six-year term.