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A frustrated OH judge ordered police officers to gag the mouth of a convicted man with tape after warning him 12 times, to no avail, to stop interrupting.

After about a dozen warnings, Russo grew exhausted of the back-and-forth with Williams.

FOX 8 reports he kept speaking even after the tape was put on, and so a second piece was applied.

The judge eventually ordered the officers to tape the 32-year-old man's mouth shut after he continued to talk.

A OH judge ordered a prisoner's mouth be taped shut in court because the defendant wouldn't stop talking.

A group of six deputies surrounded Williams before they covered his mouth with red duct tape.

Williams had previously been sentenced to 14 years for the crimes after pleading guilty, but won an appeal when a jury found he had been misinformed about his possible early release date.

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The case was retried but filled with delays after Williams reportedly snipped his ankle bracelet and fled to Nebraska.

In court on Tuesday, prosecutors played his phone calls with family to prove that not only did Williams not lose his memory, he also researched on his cell the best ways to beat criminal charges. "This judge should be disbarred", said a third commenter.

When Williams continued to defy the judge's orders, Russo ordered his mouth to be taped shut. "I'm going to tape it, and then I'll unzip it when I want you to talk". "Do you understand what it means to, 'Don't talk?' Don't talk".

"My intent was never to silence Mr Williams, I gave him an opportunity to speak at the appropriate time". Russo warned him more than a dozen times over a course of about a half hour, according to Fox 8's video footage.

In December, Williams was convicted on counts of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, theft, misuse of credit cards and having weapons under a disability, according to court documents.

Here though, there were no attempts to remove Williams from the court and instead a gag was enforced.