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But users won't be able to see blockbusters with their MoviePass anymore.

For the past year, moviegoers could see any movie on any night they pleased, as long as it was the first movie they watched that day.

MoviePass, meanwhile, has more than 3 million subscribers. The change will go into effect within the next 30 days, the company said.

Meanwhile other companies are touting their own competitors to MoviePass, which include Sinemia, AMC's A-List and an upcoming entry from Alamo Drafthouse.

Its possible the latest changes are the only way for the company to survive after it suffered cash outages on Monday and Thursday, leading subscribers to believe the company could be on the verge of folding, according to published reports.

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The app experienced more technical issues over the weekend, with subscribers unable to "check-in" to certain movies. Unless a studio has a pre-arranged deal with the company, first run movies opening on more than 1,000 screens will be limited to MoviePass members during the first two weeks of their runs. The company did say that big movies may be made available through promotions.

Company CEO Mitch Lowe reportedly had an all-hands meeting with employees today that detailed the change. It will also be continuing to limit availability for select films. Tuesday's announcement comes just days after the company, in a note to subscribers, justified surcharges for popular movies and show times as a way to keep rates low. "Our community has shown an huge amount of enthusiasm over the past year, and we trust that they will continue to share our vision to reinvigorate the movie industry", said Mitch Lowe, MoviePass CEO in a statement. So you will probably have to wait two weeks after a movie's initial wide release to use MoviePass to see it, unless of course it's a film like Gotti or American Animals, which were released with a partnership from MoviePass Ventures.

By Monday afternoon, screenings were unavailable for most theaters. This change is already rolling out with Mission Impossible 6 being the first flick included in the new policy.

In addition to the aforementioned measures, MoviePass reiterated that it aims to gain revenue by other streams, including selling data from its subscribers to third parties and continued rollout "and refinement" of the Peak Pricing program.