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A judge issued a temporary restraining order against the distribution of materials to make guns using 3-D printers.

Trump's State Department, however, is responsible for allowing the postings from Defense Distributed, a Texas group that has fought the federal government for years for the right to put "blueprints" for 3D printed guns online.

"The federal government is trying to allow access to online plans that will allow anyone to anonymously build their own downloadable, untraceable, and undetectable gun", Healey said in a statement.

On Monday, several states-including Washington, New York, and Massachusetts-filed a lawsuit against Defense Distributed, a nonprofit from Texas native Cody Wilson that plans on uploading a whole library of 3D-printed gun designs on August 1.

A settlement between the State Department and Defense Distributed is allowing the release of plans for guns online.

"When it comes to something as basic as public safety, our State Department's saying, hey, this is a giveaway for terrorists", said Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General.

President Donald Trump said that he is looking into the situation.

"Giving you the ability to make something to military specification but affordably", said Wilson.

Critics say it open up a Pandora's box of what they call ghost guns.

The website says: "The age of the downloadable gun begins".

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Chris Knox, communications director for The Firearms Coalition, a gun-rights group, called the Liberator handgun a "very crude. zip gun" and said the growing debate over 3D printed guns was an overreaction.

But US District Judge Robert Lasnik has now issued an order that prevents that, for now.

"These risky files would allow anyone - including terrorists, domestic abusers, felons, fugitives, and juveniles - to print untraceable assault weapons using a 3D printer from the comfort of their own homes", said Attorney General Grewal.

Moreover, gun control celebrities are pleading with Attorney General Jeff Session to stop Wilson from releasing files.

A United States federal judge in Seattle has blocked the release of software that allows consumers to 3D-print firearms.

Josh Blackman, an attorney who represents Cody Wilson, the founder of the nonprofit that planned to post the instructions, said the restraining order violates protected First Amendment rights. Officials say 1,000 people have already downloaded blueprints for AR-15 rifles. "Federal law passed in 1988, crafted with the NRA's support, makes it unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive an undetectable firearm".

The Texas company, Defense Distributed, was to release the blueprints on Wednesday after reaching a settlement with the federal government in June.

The president responded through Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, who told reporters: "In the United States, it's now illegal to own or make a wholly plastic gun of any kind, including those made on a 3D printer".

Criminals in the comfort of their own homes could fire up their computer, download a file and use a printer to make a gun.