Garrett Marquis, a spokesman for the president's National Security Council, later said in a statement that the USA would not be lifting any sanctions or re-establishing diplomatic and commercial relations until "there are tangible, demonstrated, and sustained shifts in Tehran's policies". The top US diplomat had released 12 demands for talks with Iran in May, following Mr. Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

"When you translate those preconditions in Farsi, the general sense is that the USA is asking Iran to let the U.S. run Iran's domestic policy; the second precondition sounds like they want us to let the United States runs Iran's foreign policy;and the third precondition sounds. that they don't want Iran to have missiles or a peaceful nuclear programme".

Despite this, Mr Trump said on Monday: "Speaking to other people, especially when you are talking about potential of war, death and starvation, you meet".

"No preconditions. They want to meet".

The president - who has defied American foreign policy orthodoxy by meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un - indicated Monday he was prepared to sit down with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani anytime and without preconditions, should his counterpart want such a tête-à-tête. "If they want to meet, I'll meet".

"Based on our bad experiences in negotiations with America and based on the USA officials' violation of their commitments, it is natural that we see no value in Trump's proposal", Kharazi said.

In contrast with his tweet, Trump assumed a more measured tone during the joint press conference Monday, alongside visiting Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Rudy Giuliani: Collusion is not a crime
Reporters from The New York Times , like Maggie Haberman, reached out to the Trump team about an alleged pre-Trump Tower meeting, Giuliani claimed.

The council was set up by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to help formulate long-term policies for the Islamic Republic.

Iran's foreign minister said that Washington should blame itself for ending talks with Tehran when it withdrew from the nuclear deal.

Iran's currency traded at a fresh record-low of 119,000 to the dollar today, a loss of almost two-thirds of its value since the start of the year as USA sanctions loom.

The US president's comments come a few days after he and Iran's leaders exchanged barbs threatening each other with war.


While warning the United States over waging a war against Iran, Rouhani also said last week that "America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace", leaving open the possibility of peace between the arch foes.

Trump condemned the deal in part because it did not cover Iran's ballistic missile programme and involvement in Middle East conflicts. "So many things have happened so positive", Mr Trump said.

Iran is now in a diplomatic race against the United States as it tries to convince countries to maintain business ties while the United States sends out delegations to convince countries to isolate Iran, especially to stop buying Iranian oil, a crucial revenue source buoying the regime.