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Michael Moore's upcoming Trump documentary, "Fahrenheit 11/9", now has a trailer, and it looks to be as obnoxious as every other film the man has directed.

Fahrenheit 11/9 hits theaters on September 21.

While Trump's election in 2016 is the obvious pivot for the trailer, the documentary appears to explore a broader raft of issues which the United States is tackling. Rick Snyder might also make an appearance since Moore previewed a clip of himself spraying lead-contaminated water from Flint, Michigan on the governor's front lawn.

Moore explained the motivations behind his new doc, which is set to premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, in an interview with HuffPost, as well.

Moore told the Huffington Post that the president is an evil maniacal menace, who aims to remain at the helm of the country for the rest of his life.

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He also added that journalism schools do not teach students how to handle an "authoritarian leader" and hopes that this film shows viewers the "danger" of President Trump where the execution of their jobs is concerned. "If nothing else, I hope this film exposes that grave danger and shows people the way out".

That last part seems like a naive statement, and unless Moore is hiding some bombshell reveal in his movie, I feel like this film isn't going to have much of an impact on the national conversation.

Documentary fans have known that Michael Moore's documentaries are not to be missed, ever since the days of the Oscar-winning Bowling For Columbine.

Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" explored the presidency of George W. Bush and the War on Terror. "Hope, and the passivity that comes with it, is what helped get us here to begin with".

The movies is expected to hit American theatres on September 21.