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Gates, who had been on stand for more than seven hours by conclusion of Tuesday's testimony, is anticipated to be on stand for an additional hour more of cross-examination, according to Manafort's attorneys.

"Let me be clear, I don't care what the transcript said ... don't do it again", Ellis said, admonishing the prosecutor Uzo Asonye.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III, a 78-year-old jurist with a reputation for being tough on lawyers in his courtroom, showed none of the temper he's flashed throughout the trial, now in its second week in Alexandria, Va., and instead instructed the jury to disregard his remarks made the day before excoriating prosecutors for allowing an expert government witness to sit in the courtroom before he testified. "There are judges like that, but that's not good for trials". After a sidebar with the judge, Downing moved onto another topic.

In general, references to Trump at the trial have been few and far between. They said his outburst prejudiced the jury by suggesting they had acted improperly and could undermine Welch's testimony. He testified that Mr. Manafort directed him not to report the existence of offshore bank accounts that prosecutors allege were used to hide millions of.

But Gates did not answer Downing's question after the prosecution objected to the relevance of the inquiry. They have tried several times to impugn his credibility before the jury. But prosecutors dropped charges against Gates after the former business partner took a plea deal and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Gates explained that Manafort's financial difficulties worsened in 2014, when Viktor Yanukovych was no longer in power and the Party of Regions disintegrated. Nevertheless, she wrote an email to loan officers saying the income would be received by November of that year. Manafort is charged with money laundering and conspiracy.

James' testimony opened the eighth day of Manafort's trial as prosecutors began presenting the bulk of their bank fraud case against him after spending days on the tax-evasion allegations. He also refused to let them ask Manafort's former business associate Rick Gates about his reported extramarital affairs.

But on Wednesday, Manafort attorney Kevin Downing seemed to accuse Gates of having affairs with multiple individuals, asking Gates whether he disclosed four affairs to the special counsel's office.

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Manafort, a longtime Republican political consultant, used the accounts to receive payments from Ukrainian oligarchs, the jury has heard.

Lisa Kern Griffin, who teaches law at Duke University, said many judges are harsher on the government, fearing that being seen favoring a prosecution could be the basis for a defendant's appeal.

A confessed felon who helped President Donald Trump get elected wrapped up his testimony against an alleged criminal who ran Trump's presidential campaign on Wednesday, concluding three days of damning revelations about two men working for a president who claimed he hires only "the best people". Courtroom illustration courtesy of Bill Hennessy.

Gates described to jurors how he repeatedly submitted fake financial documents at Manafort's behest as his former boss became concerned he was paying too much in taxes and, later, that his funds were drying up. A bookkeeper said she helped disguise foreign income as a loan to reduce Manafort's tax burden.

Andres followed up: "Did Mr Manafort know?" He also admitted to embezzling money from other employers in the past.

Gates finally admitted that he had provided false information prior to striking a plea agreement.

Manafort's "amazing full floor loft in Soho" disappeared from Airbnb during a monthlong period when he closed a $3.4 million mortgage on the NY property, after telling a bank it was a second home used by his family.