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"America will always seek peace in space, as on the Earth".

According to the Associated Press, President Donald Trump's plan for the force is complicated, expensive, and will ultimately need approval from Congress.

Earlier on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence detailed plans for the Space Force as a sixth military branch.

"As their actions make clear, our adversaries have transformed space into a warfighting domain already and the United States will not shrink from this challenge", Pence said.

Trump announced his plan for the Space Force in June.

However, Dodge added, one driving force to create a Space Force now instead of sometime in the future is political.

The US now has 157 military satellites, outnumbering China's 57 and Russia's 83.

Pence cited new threats the U.S. faces in space, particularly from Russian Federation and China.

But what is Space Force, and is it really more than a Donald Trump campaign crowd-pleaser?

The administration is expected to outline a budget for the Space Force along with Congress next year.

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Its creation however is not a done deal, as it needs to be approved by Congress, and the concept has met with some skepticism from lawmakers and defense officials wary of the cost and added bureaucracy. "But it's being handled by U.S. Air Force today".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis previous year said he opposed a new department of the military "at a time when we are focused on reducing overhead and integrating joint warfighting functions". Tens of thousands of military personnel, civilians, and contractors already operate and support US space systems. The Pentagon has not yet determined the price tag, the deputy defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, told reporters on Thursday.

"I would assume it's billions", he said.

At the time, Mr Trump stated he wanted a "separate but equal" service to the Air Force.

"It will be fit for goal is what I can assure you, but I don't have all the final answers yet, we're still putting that together", he said. "I don't think so". If the United States leaves its satellites vulnerable to new Russian and Chinese weapons, the likelihood that these weapons will be used increases, he argued.

The US fears China and Russian Federation will dominate space and launch satellites that are capable of jamming American signals, destroying US sats, and firing weapons at other targets. And there are growing worries about cyberattacks that could target satellite technology, potentially leaving troops in combat without electronic communications or navigation abilities.

The Space Force would establish the first new military branch in 71 years. In the second phase the Pentagon would combine all the components into the new sixth branch of service. The Navy and Army also have substantial space forces that would likely be pulled into the new service, Harrison said.

At present, the US Air Force Space Command looks after space power and air force cyberwarfare.

Pence said an independent Space Force was essential to counter Russian Federation and China, which are "aggressively" working toward anti-satellite capabilities. China also has demonstrated the ability to hit satellites in a much deeper orbit where the military parks some of its most sensitive assets. Not better support for armed forces veterans.

The separate military department will bolster USA defences and the plan is for it to be operational by 2020.