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"The Bachelorette" victor Garrett Yrigoyan offered an explanation and an apology for his past controversial Instagram activity during Monday's live season finale following his engagement to Becca Kufrin. Why the Maldives? Because, as Becca explains, it's the flawless place to finally tell one of the men that she loves them (also, money). "This is what I'm here for, '" Mark said, noting she and Maguire had been in contact prior to the show.

Anyway, the episode wasn't as bad as Arie's, but there were still some upsetting scenes during the finale, in which Becca got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen and dumped Blake Horstmann.

In a sign of how big this story became, and how desperate Bachelorette is to keep Becca and Garrett as potential long-term franchise royalty, Chris Harrison brought up the Instagram scandal during the season's live TV finale. The family is charmed enough. Becca's Uncle Chuck was on hand to pry into Garrett's past; specifically, Garrett's extremely brief first marriage.

Becca called it "an issue that we had to overcome", but said Garrett has been "very transparent throughout the entire thing, and he never held anything back and he understands that it was offensive, but he took full initiative right after that all came out to apologize". Garrett assures Uncle Chuck that Becca knows he has emotions.

She told Hortsmann he made her "hopeful again" and knew he'd be a partner and teammate.

Blake was devastated to be sent home. And she could see herself doing the same back to him.

Of the backlash surrounding Garrett, Becca told "Extra" in May, "Everyone has an opinion - that's what is so great about our country".

Becca had to stop him right there.

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Blake didn't have any follow-up questions to that one. Then Uncle Chuck asks Blake about Garrett, which Blake also did not appreciate.

Still, Blake didn't let premonitions get him down. Emily, the straight-talking sister, asks Becca if she really thinks Garrett would challenge her, which seems like a low-key way of pointing out that Garrett may not be all that smart. "I love you so much". But the Instagram brouhaha also had the effect of essentially spoiling the season: The amount of immediate blowback from those involved with the show, including a full interview with Becca on the topic and a carefully worded apology from Garrett, suggested he was the season's victor. "I have to go through all this alone".

They're at the Villa Laalu in the Maldives, which is a shocking move by ABC because a room on the water actually costs about $800 per night there.

Becca admitted it was "a major thing" they had to talk about in the beginning stages of their off-camera relationship.

Garrett Yrigoyen says he's a changed man. Instead he has eagles.

There is always buzz after "The Bachelorette" makes her choice, but this season's controversy started well before the finale.

Does it even matter? Garrett told the cameras after getting down on one knee to propose to Becca with a stunning Neil Lane diamond ring.