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Following Ford's decision not to import the Focus Active from China, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to claim that the tariffs on Chinese imports mean the Focus Active can now be built in the United States.

Last week, Ford revealed that it was dropping plans to import the Focus Active from China due to Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods.

President Donald Trump says Apple could avoid tariffs on China by moving manufacturing back to the US.

Earlier this week, Apple said in a regulatory filing that the president's proposed $200 billion in fresh tariffs on China would cover "a wide range of Apple products", from its Mac Mini computer to cables, chargers and laptop cases.

With consumers switching from cars to utility vehicles in droves, Ford announced earlier this year that it would ditch the current version of its Focus small auto in favor of a higher-riding crossover called the Focus Active. It stopped making Focus sedans at a Wayne, Michigan, plant in May.

In addressing Apple, Mr. Trump proposed what he called "an easy solution": "Make your products in the United States instead of China". After the earlier tariffs targeting US$50 billion of USA goods, that leaves barely US$100 billion for retaliation, or half of Trump's US$200 billion list of goods for the second round of tariffs.

The Ford Focus Active has never been sold in the US, and Ford does not now import any vehicles from China.

Powerful quake injures at least 20 in northern Japan
The Tomari nuclear plant lost power after the 6.7 magnitude quake rocked the island in the early hours of Thursday. Officials say more than 350 people were injured, and about 30 were unaccounted for after the magnitude 6.7 quake.

Demand for small cars in the U.S. has been waning for years with relatively low petrol prices and a shift from cars to SUVs and trucks.

For the Focus Active, the tariffs on Chinese vehicles changed everything. On 6 July the USA began imposing a 25% tax on $34bn in Chinese imports, including motor vehicles.

Trump warned on Friday that he was ready to slap tariffs on virtually all Chinese imports into the United States, threatening duties on a further $267 billion of goods.

The $200bn of Chinese goods on the USA list includes consumer products such as cameras and recording devices, luggage, handbags, tires and vacuum cleaners, with additional tariffs ranging from 10 to 25 percent.

San Francisco: Apple Inc. said proposed USA tariffs on $200 billion worth of products imported from China will raise prices for some of its popular consumer goods such as the Apple Watch and AirPods headphones.

The US and China have activated additional tariffs on $50bn (£38.63bn) of each other's goods since July as trade friction between the world's two biggest economies worsened.