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The three new pets are a dog, chameleon, and dragon, and you can unlock them in different colors as you level up through the battle pass.

You can buy a Season 6 Battle Pass from within the game and start exploring.

Islands floating, crops growing, Storm approaching. The surrounding area is still a lake, but it has been fractured into multiple levels with some areas of shallow water that make it easier to run across. Loot Lake has received an overhaul, with it now appearing as a floating island.

Yes, the LG V40 really has five cameras
And to put an end to all the leaks, LG Korea today confirmed the V40 ThinQ , giving us our first, official look at the device. The V40 ThinQ is rumored to arrive with a 6.4-inch OLED screen that produces Quad HD+ resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels.

This article will be updated with further changes as they're discovered. These seven spots are now known as Corrupted Areas, and they feature the new Shadow Stones that have been introduced to the game. These areas are home to new "Shadow Stones", new consumable items in the environment that will apply a "Shadow Form" to your character-while you'll be unable to use weapons in this state, you can turn invisible while stationary and phase through objects. Harvest season is now upon us and the corn stalks around Fatal Fields are now fully grown, providing a nice hiding place to surprise enemies.

And here's the first official image of the Haunted Castle, just in time for Halloween. We'll get into that and one of the most powerful vaulted weapons in Fortnite history in this video as well as every vaulted item in the game.

Have a poke around Wailing Woods and you'll come across two new houses, as spotted by FNBRLeaks.