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If you search one of these terms, the search engine reminds you that it's 2018 and asks if you meant a more relevant search like "stream music" or "text the group". Users can also opt-in to a feature called "activity card", which lets them see pages they have visited and questions they have asked about a particular topic.

In case you didn't know, the first Google Doodle honoured the Burning Man Festival of 1998. Users can also delete pages from the activity card. Users will also be able to import suggestions from other user's collections. The activity card can be disabled in the settings, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference on the official Google blog. Your saved collections and history will be used by Google to recommend new content to you. Google lens will enable the users to skim the details of an image such as what the image is about, where is it taken from etc.

The tech giant debuted three features created to make visual content more appealing and useful for its users: auto-generated "immersive" content, video previews and better image searching.

Google is also redesigning its feed for recommended content, which appears in places like the Google app or the homescreen of Google's Pixel devices.

New allegations against Kavanaugh submitted to Senate panel
According to NBC, the latest complaint says the assault took place whilst Judge Kavanaugh was drunk. The White House issued an emphatic denial by Kavanaugh responding to Swetnick's allegation.

New types of content are coming to Discover, including more videos as well as evergreen things - articles that aren't new to the web, but are new to you. People do searches for the same topics a lot. The multi-color star icon next to the name of each topic is called the "Discover icon" and ties in with the Discover button on the bottom navigation buttons. Users can follow a topic to start seeing more content about the same in the future. The service previously known as Google Feed is now Google Discover. At this point, it is unclear how you can get your content to show up in these Google-constructed AMP stories.

The cards won't appear for every search; instead, Google "intelligently" shows it when it's useful. Google says Discover will be "one step ahead" when it comes to anticipating your information requirements.

Google is overhauling its mobile search app in honor of the company's 20th anniversary.

Google Search was the first product from the tech giant now known as part of Alphabet, and Google's been celebrating the milestone all week on social media.