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News broke on Wednesday that an Emirates flight was quarantined at JFK Airport, and it turns out Vanilla Ice was among those onboard.

Numerous healthy passengers described hearing fellow travelers violently coughing during the flight. Three passengers and seven crew members went to hospitals, and nine other passengers medically evaluated at the scene were released afterward, Dubai-based Emirates said.

The sick passengers had symptoms that included cough and fever.

Emirates Airline would only confirm that "about 10" people had taken ill aboard the flight in a statement on Twitter.

"Out of an abundance of caution", the airport confirmed in a statement, all passengers and crew on the two flights were held for medical review while the airport notified the CDC.

Emirates flight 203 was traveling from Dubai to NY and landed shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The reason why these passengers and crew fell ill, whether food poisoning or flu, has not been released.

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Health officials are still attempting to determine what the cause of the symptoms exhibited by the passengers was.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had been briefed on the incident, his spokesman Eric Phillips wrote on Twitter.

Officials say passengers from the two flights on Thursday afternoon who weren't sick continued on with their travel plans.

Photos from passengers show rows of ambulances and firetrucks on the tarmac.

After spending about an hour or more on the tarmac, everyone on the flight filled out CDC paperwork, deplaned individually, and allowed medical personnel to take their temperatures.

A New York Police Department counterterrorism division tweeted it was monitoring what appeared to be a "medical situation".

U.S. media reported that around 500 passengers were on board the flight.