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Gottlieb said that around 97 percent of the products on the market were from the five brands it is now targeting: JUUL, Vuse, Blu, MarkTen and Logic.

In a statement, the Food and Drug Administration said, "The developing adolescent brain is particularly vulnerable to addiction".

"The action FDA threatened to "consider" using against the manufacturers of five e-cigarette brands - removing certain products that are clearly aimed at youth from the market - is the very authority the American Lung Association has urged the FDA to actively use, broadly".

The agency has so far issued fines to 131 retailers, ranging from $279 to $11,182.

FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb says he recognizes the benefits of e-cigarettes for adults trying to quit smoking combustible cigarettes, but "that work can't come at the expense of kids".

And the agency has issued more than 135 No-Tobacco-Sale Order Complaints, which, according to the FDA, "can result in retailers being prohibited from selling tobacco products for specified periods of time".

Ms. Cabrera said she believed that the big tobacco companies had an ulterior motive, perhaps to appear to regulators and lawmakers as more credible than the small e-cigarette companies.

"My own work, along with the work of many others, suggests that rising cigarette taxes have been the most effective means of reducing smoking levels in the United States", he said.

The FDA said Wednesday for the first time that some be e-cigarettes might be on the market illegally.

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Last year, the FDA announced that it would delay regulations that could have halted the sales of many e-cigarettes. Short of that, he suggests the FDA might force companies to stop offering e-liquid flavors that appeal to minors, which are an important factor in quit attempts by adult smokers.

The FDA also warned e-cigarette companies that they have 60 days to show they can keep their products away from kids or risk being taken off store shelves.

The FDA has also expanded "The Real Cost" public education campaign with messages focused on preventing youth use of e-cigarettes. The FDA says more than two million middle and high schoolers regularly used the devices, and it wants both the makers and sellers to help curb this trend. As part of today's action, the agency sent an additional 12 warning letters to another 12 companies that continue to sell the products.

"If they stop them from selling it, it's gonna be a really good thing", said Griselda Navarro, as she picked up her daughter at Burnett Middle School in San Jose.

On Tuesday, Gottlieb said the FDA could just as easily change its approach.

If the companies refuse to revise their marketing practices or prove they are willing to cut off retailers that sell their products to children, then the will knock them out of the market until they make reforms.

"There has been an exponential growth in the sales of e-cigarettes, there been no change in the sales of tobacco and no substantive decline in the rate of tobacco smoking since the advent of e-cigarettes", said Phillips.

The federal government is threatening to eliminate that alternative even while tolerating conventional cigarettes, which are far more hazardous and also end up in the mouths of people who are not old enough to buy them legally. British American, which produces Camel cigarettes, climbed as much as 6.4 percent in London, the biggest intraday increase in 10 years. The companies insist that the flavors are critical to helping nicotine-addicted adult smokers switch from conventional cigarettes.

Gottlieb echoed those concerns, saying he's anxious about the effects of nicotine in e-cigarettes on the developing brain, and that a proportion of teenagers who use the devices will end up on regular cigarettes.