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The bodies of 11 babies have been found hidden in a ceiling of a closed funeral home by construction workers, Detroit police say.

They had received an anonymous letter that day, Lt. Brian Bowser told reporters outside the funeral home after Detroit police had cordoned it off for the second time since April.

The bodies of 11 infants have been found at a Detroit funeral home, which has been shuttered for months after accumulating a slew of violations, ranging from fraud to gross negligence.

'If I had them in the funeral home then my funeral home wouldn't smell fresh, ' he previously said. Officials had determined the names for some of the infants, he said, and would try to contact the families. He also noted that the remains "were kind of hidden away". But he said he was upset "by the callousness" of whoever placed the remains of infants, some of them apparently stillborn, inside a cardboard box hidden in the drop-down ceiling of a stairwell.

Police eventually found "11 remains of infants, stillborns", Bowser said, adding an investigation followed.

Former funeral home owner Raymond Cantrell told Local 4 he did not order employees to hide bodies. That firm's answering service said none of the owners or managers were available to comment Friday night.

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LARA reported Cantrell Funeral Home had 60 days to either assign its existing prepaid contracts to another person registered under the Prepaid Act and notify the Department and contract buyers of the assignment within 30 days of the assignment.

Among the violations that led LARA to suspend the mortuary science establishment license, inspectors previously found decomposing bodies stored in an non-refrigerated garage in a filthy back room.

Some of the deceased have been identified, and an investigation is underway, the detective added.

Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs shut down the funeral home for multiple violations, including the improper storage of embalmed bodies, some of which were badly decomposed and covered in mould.

It is understood the funeral home had been closed six months ago and is in the process of being converted into a community centre.

'Flat out disgusted, I can only tell them the truth, ' Cantrell said in April about customers who were unaware.