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The adult film actress has been thrust into the spotlight ever since it was discovered that she may have had an affair with Donald Trump in the early 2000's.

Well, if (for whatever reason) you wanted a more detailed explanation of that, Jimmy Kimmel has got you covered.

The host Jimmy Kimmel asked Daniels, whose real name Stephanie Clifford, about the mushroom comparison. It has a huge mushroom head like a toadstool... It's a comparison that dominated online discussions when it was first revealed by The Guardian and led to a roller coaster of emotions when people found out why Mario Kart was trending on Twitter.

Later, Kimmel asked Daniels about Trump's alleged "Toad from Mario Kart"-shaped you-know-what, asking her to choose which most resembled the president among a display of orange mushrooms".

"Can you hold it up so it's coming at me at the correct angle?"

"Which of these... orange mushrooms would most represent the commander-in-chief of the United States military?"

Kavanaugh accused of throwing ice at man in 1985
Some Democratic members of Congress have accused the White House of stopping investigators from interviewing certain witnesses. The professor plans to speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday, according the New York Times .

"I still don't know!" she responded.

When Kimmel suggested that Daniels had "made love" with Trump, she argued back: "Gross!" "What's wrong with you?"

"Hang on I just want to pray for a second".

"I wish you could make him change now", said Kimmel.

After demonstrating on Kimmel how she allegedly spanked Trump with a magazine, she then revealed the surprising products Trump kept in his bathroom: grooming tools made of gold, Old Spice and Pert Plus 2-in-one shampoo and conditioner because even a supposed billionaire loves a good bargain.