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Klobuchar asked Kavanaugh about his drinking.

The exchange was a weird turn in a hearing full of surprises and Kavanaugh, seemingly aware that he had crossed a line with his responses, apologized after the committee took a short break. In the summer of 1982, seven months before he turned 18, the state raised the legal drinking age for beer and wine from 18 to 21.

Asked if Kavanaugh had ever suffered memory loss during a time that he had been drinking, Kavanaugh said no, but still defended beer drinking.

In his testimony, Kavanaugh, who has denied all of Ford's accusations, stated correctly that the drinking age had been 18 in Maryland for "most" of his time in high school. "What do you consider to be too many beers?" asked Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor posing questions on behalf of the committee's Republican members. In Judge's book, he writes about wild parties at Georgetown Prep, the school where he and Kavanaugh became friends. "If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault, will be an ugly, new place in this country", he continued, in what became seemingly a defense of beer drinking itself. I liked beer. I still like beer...

"I liked beer. I still like beer, but I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I never sexually assaulted anyone", Kavanaugh said.

After a recess, Kavanaugh offered an apology for questioning Klobuchar's drinking habits in a heated exchange.

"I liked beer. I still like beer". "We drank beer, I like beer".

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"You're asking about a blackout", the judge responded. He said Kavanaugh's testimony about drinking and the drinking age was "for context" of how Maryland high schoolers obtained beer. "No, I've gone to sleep, but I've never blacked out", he said.

"Nor do I", Kavanaugh concluded.

"My friends and I, boys and girls".

Under Maryland law, a person under the age of 21 can not consume or possess alcohol except in certain circumstances, including in a private home with the consent and under the supervision of an adult over the age of 21. Do you like beer, senator, or not?

You might even think there is a relationship between illegality and excess, since prohibition pushes drinking underground and makes it harder for young people to learn from older drinkers who might know a thing or two about how to stop short of too many beers. "It's a tough process, I am sorry about that", Kavanaugh said.

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said a number of times that he had never drank to the point of memory loss.