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"It was unnecessary", he said. Bin Salman has the letters ISIS written on his clothing. In total, 18 people were arrested.

The location of Khashoggi's corpse remains unknown. United States officials have said such a mission - including 15 men sent from Riyadh - could not have been carried out without the authorization of bin Salman, the country's de facto ruler.

Prince Mohammed said Saudi Arabia and Turkey would work together "to reach results" on a joint investigation and described cooperation between the two countries as "special", despite criticism from Ankara.

Khashoggi "told me when we first met that his ex-wife was pressured into eventually divorcing him because of his critical writings", Attiah tweeted this week. If they are forced, as they have been every step of the way, to admit the truth, Saudi Arabia may find that it will have lost a great deal of credibility, irreparably so under MBS.

"As long as these facts are not corroborated by our intelligence services, we will withhold our response", Griveaux said.

There was no way to corroborate the Saudi account, which paints the suspects as rogue operators.

Trudeau echoed those doubts during a news conference in Toronto on Tuesday, saying "the brutal murder of a journalist on foreign soil is something that is extremely preoccupying to Canadians, to Canada and to many of our allies around the world".

President Donald Trump criticized the "cover-up" of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a statement to a reporter Tuesday, and the State Department said the US would take action against Saudi Arabia. He called the killing of Khashoggi a "heinous crime".

This version of events has not been accepted by the global community, with a former Head of MI6 slamming the rogue actors theory as "pure fiction". But the president appeared more open on Tuesday to punishing the Saudi government, telling reporters in the Oval Office he would consider jeopardizing military sales if the Saudi government was officially behind the killing.

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Cuomo said the two suspicious devices found in New York City shouldn't stop people from going about their business as normal. The Bomb Squad placed the package in a containment vehicle and brought it to its detonation facility in the Bronx.

The Saudi official told CNN that Khashoggi became agitated after being told he would be drugged and taken to a safe house, at which point he tried to resist, was put in a chokehold and died.

According to the report, Turkish security forces examined the consulate building but Saudi officials did not give them permission to search the garden of the consulate and a well in it.

The Turkish president said that on October 1, a team of Saudi consular staff scouted out two separate locations in a forest outside Istanbul and at Yalova, 90 kilometers south of the city.

Trump on Tuesday called the Saudi explanation the "worst cover-up ever" and his administration moved to punish the kingdom over the killing.

Visa records are confidential and Pompeo was not more specific about who the revocations would affect, but the State Department later said 21 "Saudi suspects" would have visas revoked or would be declared ineligible to enter the U.S.

The Saudis say Asiri issued what's known as a general intelligence presidency (GIP) internal task order, based on a previous general directive to negotiate with dissidents overseas and bring them back to Saudi Arabia.

Erdogan has, in the last days, twice held telephone talks with Saudi King Salman and made clear in his speech he was counting on the ageing monarch to ensure Riyadh's cooperation in the probe.

"I do not doubt the sincerity of King Salman of Saudi Arabia", said President Erdogan. Mutreb then explained the teams' intention to bring Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia.