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Most people believe the flu shot will not help them, but you can still catch the flu, regardless of getting a vaccination.

With few exceptions, the CDC recommends that everyone ages six months and older gets the flu vaccine annually.

You must be logged in to view this content. Students can tweet a picture of themselves receiving a flu shot to @UM_HealthCenter using the hashtag #UM_FLUSHOT for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card. But even when the vaccine doesn't exactly match these viruses, it may still provide some protection.

The University Department of Student Health offered its annual flu shot clinic for students on Tuesday, Oct. 2. "Influenza is preventable and you should be vaccinated".

For most healthy people, flu is an unpleasant but usually self-limiting disease, with recovery generally within a week or two.

Dr Mo Huda, a Staffordshire GP said: "I've had the jab because I don't want to risk getting flu or passing it on to patients".

Dr. Cicely White, a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente in Spokane, said getting a flu shot can prevent a person from spreading the disease to others, which helps protect vulnerable members of the population, such as very young or elderly Washingtonians.

Another reason people don't get vaccinated is because they are more concerned about the vaccine than they are of the flu itself.

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In recent years, over 9,000 people nationwide were admitted to hospital with confirmed cases of flu and ten per cent of all patients admitted died as a result of the flu virus.

This year experts came back to consideration of nasal spray vaccine, which they declined during two last years.

Like any viral infection, the flu virus constantly mutates and creates new strains of illness every year, meaning that the flu vaccine can't protect against every strain that's going around.

"Contrary to popular myth it can't give you flu because it has no live vaccine".

Both the students giving and receiving the vaccines are always overseen by professionals, Johanna Burgos, a 33-year-old El Camino nursing major, said. Wilson had pushed for the laws to silence critics of his administration and its plans to enter World War I. But as John M. Barry writes in "The Great Influenza", the laws also were used to keep information about the flu from scaring the public. "And just kind of let people know that even though you get the flu shot you won't get the flu, there are some misconceptions about how you contract the flu. and what our goal is, is to prevent the spread of the flu and make sure as many people are vaccinated as possible".

A special high-dose seasonal flu vaccine is once again available for senior residents of long-term care facilities. "How bad will the flu season be this year", Shital Patel, an Assistant Professor of Medicine-Infectious Disease at Baylor College of Medicine said. So many people caught the flu that some hospitals and pharmacies across the US ran out of antiviral drugs, Alabama declared a state of emergency and a school district in Arkansas closed all 10 of its schools.

"Don't work when you're sick, don't expose people to influenza", Schleiss said.