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Kavanaugh was seated on the far right side of the bench Tuesday, next to Justice Elena Kagan, who hired him to teach at Harvard Law School when she was dean. She later went public after reporters started trying to contact her. Kavanaugh staunchly denied Ford's accusation. "Ninety-nine percent. See, now I can't get sued". Noting that the Senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional, he said his focus now is to be the best Justice he can be.

Heading into the November midterms, the GOP is defending its House and Senate majorities. Only six of the 51 Republicans in the Senate are women.

"It's a great frustration", he said.

Ford's testimony didn't derail the judge's nomination, but it "really raises the visibility of the "Me Too" movement and also brought a personal face to the issue - and it ought to encourage more women to come forward", the senator told the Register.

This "speaking truth to power" line has been spoken in reference to Anita Hill, the woman who accused SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in 1991; Hill has now had an HBO movie and a documentary glorify her testimony.

Even though Kavanaugh didn't end up needing her vote to get confirmed, Murkowski riled many in her party who supported his confirmation. Trump and other GOP leaders say the effort energized Republican voters, who had always been considered less energized than Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is warning Republicans considering challenging President Donald Trump in 2020 that it would be "a waste of time".

McConnell said he doesn't agree and pointed to the fact that Murkowski had won re-election as a write-in candidate in 2010.

McConnell responded, "I'm not changing anything". And second, Donald Trump, isn't he the guy who has everyone chanting "lock her up" 'lock her up?' Oh boy!

Trump says Haley leaving at ‘end of the year’
Trump called Haley a "very special" person, adding that she told him six months ago that she might want to take some time off. The current national security advisor had the title of USA ambassador to the United Nations once before.

The ceremony took place in the East Room - the same location where the President first announced Kavanaugh's nomination 13 weeks ago.

In fact, Trump said that he uses the phrases to keep crowds engaged during his speeches.

The bruising campaign to install Kavanaugh onto the court could leave a mark on his reputation and on public confidence in the institution, legal experts say. A hundred percent. No, I don't want to get sued, 99 percent. "So, this business of presidential harassment may or may not quite be the victor they think it is".

The newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, took his seat Tuesday and heard his first arguments, just days after he narrowly won Senate confirmation to fill a vacancy on the country's highest court.

Mr Kavanaugh denied the allegations and during a Senate hearing on September 27 accused Democrats of an "orchestrated political hit".

He renewed one of his favorite nicknames, calling Sen.

"Dr. Blasey Ford knows I kept her confidence, she and her lawyers said so repeatedly". Republicans Lindsey Graham of SC and John Cornyn of Texas have been among those mentioned.

"I'm not saying nobody could do it. but it requires a lot of force, more than you might think", Roberts said.

McConnell wouldn't say whether the Senate would insist that Sessions' replacement would protect special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. "It's how things are lining up", Ryan said.