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Melania Trump, while on a trip to Africa, declared her support for Kavanaugh as the Senate confirmed him, saying that he is "highly qualified for the Supreme Court", according to The Guardian.

Her focus on saving elephants seemed at odds with policies put forth by her husband, President Donald Trump. "Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't".

First lady calls out the press during her trip to Africa; reaction on 'Fox & Friends'.

Jason Burke explains in The Guardian that 19th century European explorers and imperial administrators in Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East wore pith helmets, which were later incorporated into the uniforms of colonial military officers.

Before arriving in Egypt, Mrs Trump travelled to Kenya, Malawi and Ghana, where she focused on promoting her signature issue of advocating for children, with stops at a hospital, primary school, and an orphanage, Reuters reported.

"It is amusing that she's cosplaying as a Nazi who literally gets melted by god at the end of a good movie", comedian Rob Delaney posted on Twitter.

The first lady wearing a pith helmet.

Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege win 2018 Nobel Peace Prize
Shocked by the violence, Murad set about trying to escape, and managed to flee with the help of a Muslim family from Mosul. And a Yazidi member of Iraq's parliament said, "It is the victory of good and peace over the forces of darkness".

The First Lady held a one-hour meeting with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his wife at the palace, the longest of her tour, and was then driven to the USA embassy before heading to the Pyramids of Giza.

On Friday, Ms Trump was told she had made a "silly sartorial choice" by wearing a pith helmet while on safari in Kenya.

"Her husband has been the biggest disgrace to any achievements of the women's movement, so they might need to turn their attention there first", said Rabab El Mahdi, a professor of political science at the American University of Cairo, when asked for her reaction to Trump's visit and her agenda.

In regards to Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusations surrounding him, she said that she was glad that boh Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and he were heard and that the FBI investigation was conducted.

Earlier on Saturday Trump was welcomed by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his wife, Entissar, after she flew in from Kenya. She donned a beige suit, black tie and fedora-style hat and social media was quick to light up with Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminial" comparisons.

"She feels like no other first lady has come under this much scrutiny over their wardrobe, and she feels victimized and even bullied at times". "It is a handsome thing to see".