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"For almost 20 years I have witnessed war crimes committed against women, young girls, tots and babies", he said, adding that he had operated on some 50,000 women victims of rape and sexual abuse.

The 450-bed Panzi hospital that Mukwege founded treats more than 3,500 women a year, though not all for sexual abuse, providing free consultations and performing reconstructive surgery on women who have suffered serious internal injuries. He faced great personal risk in doing so: Armed men tried to kill him in 2012, forcing him to temporarily leave the country.

"They brought me a woman who had been raped by several men in uniform", he said.

The Nobel committee hailed Murad's "uncommon courage", saying she had "refused to accept the social codes that require women to remain silent and ashamed of the abuses to which they have been subjected".

Shocked by the violence, Murad set about trying to escape, and managed to flee with the help of a Muslim family from Mosul.

Like thousands of Yazidis, Murad was forcibly married to a jihadist, beaten and forced to wear makeup and tight clothes - an experience she later related in front of the United Nations Security Council. "At some point, there was rape and nothing else".

One day in August that year, pickup trucks bearing the black flag of the extremists swept into her village, Kocho. "She's crying, she can't talk".

Nadia Murad

A former ISIS sex slave has revealed the harrowing moment she was picked by a giant jihadi brute from a group of terrified Yazidi women - as they screamed and vomited in terror.

At 0900 GMT, the annual Nobel prize-giving week reaches its peak as the five-member Norwegian committee ends the guessing game by announcing this year's victor. "I'll say this: if Donald Trump gets the Nobel Peace Prize, liberals all over the world will jump out of buildings". He also wrote on Twitter, "Good done for others always ends up being rewarded".

"It was good because I was just at the end of the second operation when suddenly (people) started to cry and make noise" outside the theatre, Mukwege said in a phone call with the Nobel Peace Prize website.

It reported that outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had expressed his happiness. And a Yazidi member of Iraq's parliament said, "It is the victory of good and peace over the forces of darkness".

All around him, pilgrims flocking to Sheikh Adi's shrine are all smiles and proud of the young Nobel peace laureate, the first Iraqi to receive such an honour. "But the further goal of this is that nations take responsibility, that communities take responsibility and that the worldwide community take responsibility", said Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairwoman of the committee, which bestowed the $1.01-million prize.

Last year's prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Kelly Jean Kelly was the editor.

Washington Post publishes blank column after the paper's Saudi journalist goes missing
Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Ankara Adel Serajedin Merdad has told Turkish officials that he had no information about Khashoggi. Asked if Khashoggi faces charges in Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed said it was first important to discover where he was.