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A leading Tory Brexiteer has issued a new warning to Theresa May that she faces a Commons defeat if she presses ahead with her Chequers blueprint for Brexit.

She began with a little dance after walking on stage to the sounds of ABBA s "Dancing Queen", one of her favourite tunes - a nod to her widely-mocked moves displayed on a recent visit to Africa. A party of patriotism but not nationalism.

She told activists: "To all businesses, large and small, you may have heard that there is a four-letter word to describe what we Conservatives want to do to you". Johnson's speech was also created to boost confidence around Britain's post-Brexit future.

Johnson was a leading campaigner for Brexit in the referendum. But nothing has changed.

She added: "What has befallen Labour is a national tragedy". Although, added the Guardian, there is quite a lot of skepticism about whether she can deliver. "It delivers the referendum, it keeps faith with the British people", she said.

In particular, highlighting what she has repeatedly called her "personal mission" to tackle the housing crisis, May announced she would scrap the cap on how much local authorities can borrow to build new social housing. The only jarring bit was the namecheck of London mayor candidate Shaun Bailey as a descendant of the "Windrush generation" - the generation that she had targeted with her hostile environment policy.

The 1,000-seat auditorium was packed.

As BJP States Follow Centre in Cutting Fuel Prices, Kerala Refuses
A 13 percent depreciation in the Indian rupee had only made fuel imports costlier. He also asked state governments to follow suit and cut taxes by a similar amount.

The ex-foreign secretary even went as far as implying that under the current proposal, the prime minister would be at risk of breaking a 14th-century law which states that "no foreign court or government shall have jurisdiction in this country". This brings about a critique I have towards May's claim - whereas in the long run, the United Kingdom economy will be able to compensate for the initial drop in GDP, we should not disregard the short-term consequences - 'In the long-run we are all dead' famously said John M. Keynes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, she said, would "outsource our conscience to the Kremlin".

"Austerity is not an economic necessity". But pro-exit members of May's Conservative government oppose any softening of the U.K.'s stance. "The question is, what does the end of austerity mean?" said Emily Andrews, who leads the Institute for Government's Performance Tracker, which assesses the performance of government.

Inside, the paper spoke of how Mr Johnson "plunged the knife in", and a leader column said that while the speech "pressed all the right buttons", its content was "deeply disloyal to the Prime Minister and profoundly unrealistic".

The Conservatives very own blond bombshell lobbed a political hand grenade into the party conference in Birmingham this week, by staging his own leadership speech on the conference fringe. "Trapped by the rabid ideologues of the Conservative right-wing, Mrs May has been driven to illiberal extremes on Brexit, welfare and immigration". We have to make the arguments for free markets, for open economies, and we have to recognise in doing that, that for some people as I said on the steps of Downing Street back when I first became prime minister, they do feel that things haven't been working for everyone in the way that they should.

"Brexit must not suck the oxygen out of domestic policy".

"All it does is artificially boost the ability of companies to go on a borrowing spree to buy back their own shares and... reporting never-ending rising profits at the same time of never-rising wages is feeding the core of why many normal human beings are pretty cheesed off with life. What needs to be done is maximum progress by the October European Council", he declared.