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Interested in Donald Trump?

"He will be an illegitimate justice, and his confirmation will mark a point of no return for the Supreme Court's reputation as the one, apolitical branch of government", Fallon said. Some have had none.

Mr Kavanaugh had strenusously denied Christine Blasey Ford's allegations.

The ferocious nature of the confirmation battle could also have an impact on the Court itself, as Kavanaugh's vehement and politicized defense of his own behavior raised questions about his temperament and whether he could genuinely be a honest broker and implementer of the law in the most sensitive cases.

Kavanaugh was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts Saturday evening.

But the Kavanaugh spectacle, fueled by extraordinary accusations and counter-claims in nationally televised hearings, and tense battles over an 11th-hour FBI investigation to address the assault allegations, has inflamed political passions. "It showed no corroboration -- no nothing".

Ford's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was broadcast live on television last Thursday and captured the attention of some 20 million people watching on broadcast and cable networks.

"Just imagine the devastation they would cause if they ever obtained the power they so desperately want", Trump added, prompting "Drain the Swamp" chants. One woman said that in high school, Kavanaugh attended parties where groups of boys would rape girls (though she didn't say she'd witnessed Kavanaugh himself committing rape).

"We will be ill-served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be", she said. He later telephoned his congratulations to the new justice, then at the rally returned to his own attack on the Democrats as "an angry left-wing mob". Corey Booker of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of MA and Feinstein. One thing is for certain, this was a stunning victory for Donald Trump and the culmination of his most successful week yet as president.

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He again called Sen.

Ford's allegations disrupted what had appeared to be a relatively smooth confirmation process for Kavanaugh.

"But I value and respect where my colleagues have come down from in their support for the judge, and I think we're at a place where we need to begin thinking about the credibility and integrity of our institutions".

"It is definitely something that I will be seriously considering, although it will probably wait until November 6 to really dig deep into really exploring that", Gideon said.

Trump personally thanked several Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham ("who did such a great job"), Charles Grassley, Mitch McConnell, and Susan Collins.

"How good was Sen". Susan Collins of ME and red state Democratic Sen. It could be a deciding factor in who ends up controlling the Senate and House.

After roughly an hour, Trump grew looser, riffing on the North Korea talks, the move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem, Kanye West and the National Football League.

All Supreme Court seats are not created equal, and that's what made Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation on Saturday to fill the seat of Anthony M. Kennedy, who retired, such an epic fight - the latest brawl over the most critical swing seat on the court for the past 50 years.

Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate on Saturday in a largely party line vote.