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An ancestor six generations removed would make Warren 1/64th Native American while an ancestor as much as 10 generations removed would render the Massachusetts Democrat only 1/1024th Native American, according to Blaine Bettinger, a genealogist and author who specializes in DNA evidence.

While Warren now counts her Native heritage as part of her family's lore, she did at several points in time refer to herself as "Native American" and "Cherokee". "Warren disrespected tribal sovereignty and all tribal citizens by trying to use DNA to show she's an Indian".

Boston radio host Howie Carr said that far from proving her ancestry, the test actually showed that she isn't Native American.

Posts by Native Americans in social media reflect a weariness at having to repeatedly remind non-Natives that being Native is not exclusively about bloodlines but belonging to tribal communities. "But if she's less than one tenth of one percent, I think I can beat her", he added. "There is nothing innocent about a White woman claiming her family experienced genocide and ethnic cleansing-when they did not".

The high-profile rollout of Elizabeth Warren's DNA test is causing more headaches for the Democratic senator, as the results fuel Republican critics' claims that she used a trace amount of Native American heritage to advance her academic career.

This morning, The View's "Hot Topics" segment lived up to its name when the women clashed over Senator Elizabeth Warren's claims that she is part Native American.

Dolezal explained that all away by simply saying that she "identifies" as black.

"She needs to. apologize to everybody for what she has done", Porreco said.

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The author wrote that police are more likely to kill Native American individuals than any other demographic. But even if it only helped her network, or get an interview, it was a cheat.

Warren went on to lambast everything from Trump's business record to his refusal to release his tax returns to his economic policies to his administration's multitude of scandals to the inconsistencies between his rhetoric and actual actions when it comes to law enforcement, veterans, and patriotism. I don't think the president's particularly helpful in taking those shots at Elizabeth Warren.

But none of it was true - and the mainstream media has known for some time.

Warren released the findings of the test in a video in which she concedes that she is not enrolled in any tribe, "but my family history is my family history".

Trump delighted in the news.

Lindsey Graham of SC, speaking on Trump's preferred morning show "Fox and Friends", announced Tuesday that he would take his own DNA test, would "beat" Warren at having Native American ancestry and later said it would be "terrible" if the results showed he was Iranian. "Harvard called her "a person of color" (amazing con), and would not have taken her otherwise!" She lied about that supposed heritage, and when she got caught, she doubled down, claiming that 1/10th of 1 percent Indian blood makes her an Indian. Americans don't like liars. If she'll lie about something so meaningless, how can anyone trust her on issues that really matter?

Warren tweeted that Trump is a "cowardly elitist" and that she "won't sit quietly for Trump's racism" so she took the test. If anybody has lost moral authority to call anyone else a liar, it is Trump, whose falsehoods chronicled by The Washington Post's Fact-Checker column run into the thousands.