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It's this simplistic take that takes away from the enjoyment of 'Venom.' Surprisingly, it is Venom who has the most character beats, but since the film is taken from Eddie Brock's point-of-view, we don't actually get to see and enjoy the shifts in Venom's character.

Atom Tickets also sent me info that Venom is outpacing Ant-Man and the Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

"I just wish we got to see whatever movie Tom Hardy thought he was acting in".

To go back to the beginning of Venom's proposed life on the big screen, you have to go back to the beginning of Spider-Man's life on the big screen. Whatever humor Tom Hardy summons from his conflicted dynamic with Venom mostly doesn't land because there is no darkness to offset it. Ruben Fleischer directs with a determined focus on a PG-13 rating-never mind that there is a lot of aforementioned biting off of heads and dispatching of scientists with extraterrestrial battle axes. Venom doing good in this movie comes down to a one-liner joke that I guess is also supposed to double as a plot twist.

Fleischer continues, "He's just really inspiring".

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The many negative reviews, however, might be welcome news to the Lady Gaga fans who were allegedly posting fake bad reviews of Venom, hoping that the Gaga-led A Star Is Born would beat out Venom for the top spot at the box office on their shared opening weekend. Since that sounds an terrible lot like a red flag, IGN took to asking Hardy about the quote at the premiere for Venom last night. With many concerned that filmmakers may have ditched some of Venom's most promising content, the British star has now readdressed his previous claims in an interview with IGN. "There was a lot of range to play within the psychological dynamics of this superhero movie", he says.

In some odd ways I kept thinking of the 1980s Steve Martin comedy All of Me, in which the personality of Lily Tomlin's character is ingested into Martin's body, controlling his every movement. "But nevertheless, would I like to watch a seven-hour version of Venom?".

"On paper, Hardy is the ideal Eddie Brock, effortlessly embodying the fluid physicality and jittery paranoia of a man being consumed by sentient space goo ..." The two of them have a union in one. Once Venom shows up - and boy, does it take way too long for the title character to show up - Hardy is even goofier. "Venom is cool, man - he's a badass".

It's hard to discuss "Venom" without some mention of the infamous feculence line shown in the trailer-the symbiotic monster warning a naughty thug about leaving his dismembered body flailing about like "a turd in the wind". He's is a great character to play because Venom is ruthless and, basically, there are no rules. Spider-Man 3 grossed almost $900 million after opening in May 2007, but reviews were unkind, specifically with regards to the Venom storyline. Since his first full appearance thirty years ago in The Amazing Spider-Man comic book issue #300, Venom's supervillain persona has become one of the most intriguing and entertaining for Marvel's dedicated readers. Fans fell in love with this outspoken and quirky anti-hero: enormous fangs, merciless mindset and all.

Venom is set to hit theaters on October 5, 2018.