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The YRF production is the solo release this week and this will definitely help it in raking more moolah. People had dubbed it the Bolly Pirates of the Carribean in an affectionate way. Because according to Twitter. However, a few of the initial reviews of the film aren't in its favour and seem to be dispiriting the fans.

This year's big release for India's Diwali festival, the seafaring song-and-dance fest with superstars Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan cost US$42 million (RM175 million), making it the most expensive movie to date in the Hindi-language industry.

Film trade analyst Taran Adarsh has however given it just two stars, saying the movie was disappointing and all that glitters is gold.

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The much-awaited Yash Raj Films period drama Thugs of Hindostan received mostly unenthusiastic response from critics on its opening day. #TOH is a golden opportunity lost, a KING-SIZED DISAPPOINTMENT!' "Holds true for * a class="_58cn" href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/toh?source=feed_text&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBeGrlTlKFu-4NvXtOuyXdZgqNbgfQOWD7k76orXiMANY9-kqpKhUv8mgFdZJlaiXMNIXv7IWSFwlyS2ZDKoc27NwL2oNpN6_9tkTT5fXoL2AUcDRlnymDir5ehAvJ8YVOVIrfkS5myNgt427MMrKAKwkzsSo7fC5Dz1EaFwKGbxaa8q7zaMCcgkCQmA4tBDI8tGzOKDdoLl4EqtkuyLPvI7VPydSPBnFicCLObd4L46pa9l9u7j_lc&__tn__=%2ANK-R" data-ft="{"type":104,"tn":"*N"}" *#TOH... Taran Adarsh further added.

He however mentioned in a further tweet that Thugs of Hindostan may benefit from the holiday season, the hype it has managed to create and impressive star cast, but will find it hard to sustain its journey on the box office after the initial euphoria settles down.

The trailer of Thug of Hindostan had the audiences divided. As the movie has been leaked online, it will affect the collection rate at the box office.