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Australia has seen a total of 17 shark attacks this year, killing one and leaving 16 injured.

A MAN killed in the third shark attack in the same Whitsundays harbour in two months has been revealed as a Melbourne urologist.

The man and a female friend were taking turns on a paddle board near the yacht when he entered the water to give his colleague a turn on the board.

The bite left the man with critical injuries to his left thigh, right calf and left wrist. The injuries to his arm suggest he tried to punch and fight off...

"Our safety message remains the same - don't swim in Cid Harbour".

In September, two shark attacks occurred within a day of each other.

He died of his injuries, police confirmed early on Tuesday.

The last shark attack in the Whitsunday Islands before the latest spate occurred on February 13, 2010, off Dent Island where 60-year-old tourist Patricia Trumbull survived lacerations to her buttocks and major blood loss.

Ben McCauley, the emergency helicopter crew member, described the incident as "absolutely horrific".

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"The man was then relayed to the shore before being transported to Mackay Hospital where he later passed away", the spokesman said in a statement.

The marine biologist thinks there needs to be an investigation into the sudden increase in shark attacks in that particular area, saying "something has changed".

Many in the area are now calling on the state government of Queensland to implement baited drum lines and shark nets to prevent further attacks.

All three attacks took place in Cid Harbor, off the coast of the Whitsunday Islands, which lie between the northeast coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Whitsunday Water Police will be conducting patrols of Cid Harbour today along with vessels from other Queensland and Commonwealth Government agencies.

"It was one of the more hard ones for everyone involved".

In the same harbour, Justine Barwick, a 46-year-old tourist, was attacked on September 19 while swimming from a yacht; she survived and is now recovering.

"What the tourism industry is saying to me is that they want long-term solutions, not knee-jerk reactions and that's exactly why we intend to sit around the table with the scientific experts and the tourism industry to work on solutions", she said.