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People were really angry about Diablo Immortal's announcement as a mobile game, despite the fact that Blizzard had warned everyone weeks in advance that Diablo 4 probably wasn't going to be there. Diablo Immortal is announced to the world as a fully-fledged Diablo experience on mobile platforms, the saliva turned to ash in the audiences' mouths and a rain of boos echoed across the venue.

It's probably understating it quite a bit to merely say that the reaction to Diablo Immortal has been negative.

Apparently, Blizzard is working on multiple mobile games at the moment, with many - if not all - of its franchises slated to get the mobile treatment at some point in the future.

The mobile market is dominant in the gaming industry, raking in a massive $70.3 billion by the end of 2018, those numbers look extremely attractive to companies like Activision Blizzard.

Some fans are anxious about the statement claiming that "many of our best developers now working on new mobile titles" may take away from PC and console titles.

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He said in a press conference that Diablo Immortal is only the beginning.

During the last few days, Blizzard has been in the middle of a, well, blizzard because of its Diablo Immortal presentation.

Adham went onto say that Blizzard has "more new products in development today" than it's ever had in its history, so hopefully that means that there's plenty of room for traditional PC games on the company's development schedule.

Everyone is disappointed and it's expected that this mobile game will not turn out to be a success so we will have to wait to see how Activation tackles this all. Fans are expressing their dissatisfaction the best way they can. It's literally gutting the game to shape it around the mobile monetization model. Which is okay? There is news that Blizzard is remaking a lot of their PC masterpiece for mobile gaming.

I'm not a Diablo fan, I have played Diablo 3 to some extent and enjoyed what I played, with that being said I can understand the anger and black-lash.