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"He" learns from live broadcasting videos of himself and can read naturally as a professional.

According to South China Morning Post, Xinhua unveiled two AI newsreaders, one that speaks in English and one in Chinese. Both the English and Mandarin news reading AI anchors are available across Xinhua's internet and mobile platforms, which includes its Mandarin and English apps as well as online TV webpage.

The news reader, which is based on the latest AI technology, is of male appearance with a voice, facial expressions and actions of a real person.

His movements, voice and overall presentation mimic the style of real-life broadcasters. While the move could be seen as a threat to human journalists' jobs, some appear to welcome the innovation. The anchors can appear to be a bit wooden and some of the facial expressions are not quite right, but hey, nobody is ideal on their first day.

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The two virtual anchors, one for the Chinese language and one for the English language, combine the images and voices of real human anchors with artificial intelligence.

Rather than true AI, however, the Xinhua presenters merely react to text that is fed into their systems, the agency said.

China's Xinhua news agency says it has developed an artificial intelligence news presenter, ready to take over 24/7, every single day of the year. The AI anchor is said to "reduce news production costs and improve news efficiency". As public and private companies continue to tinker with Artificial Intelligence and explore its many possible applications, there's a growing concern that AI-technology will replace human beings in most, if not all, professions, technical and otherwise.

This year's version, however, was more muted and has a less glitzy global lineup, even as battle lines for control of the web have hardened amid a biting trade war between China and the United States.