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In order to clarify the situation and avoid as much confusion as possible, it's important to note that the entire base game of Destiny 2 will be free for players to acquire on PC on Battle.net all the way through the aforementioned date, and fans will be able to keep it thereafter. During this period of time, Battle.net users can claim Bungie's shared-world sci-fi shooter to own. This does not, of course, include the Forsaken expansion, but it includes all of the content up to that point.

From the reveal of Warcraft 3: Reforged to the unveiling of Diablo: Immortal, there have been plenty of big announcements to come out of BlizzCon 2018, but perhaps one of the more surprising pieces of information from the event relates to Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is also out on PS4 and Xbox One.

If you ever wanted to try Destiny 2 and you aren't gaming on consoles, or wanted to try it out on PC but didn't want to spring for it, now's your chance!

There's no doubting how much the Forsaken and 2.0 Update enhanced this title since its launch past year.

China-Pakistan Corridor Not Tied to India-Pakistan Territorial Dispute - Beijing
During his meeting with Xi in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Khan did raise the issue of his country's economic situation. The statements evoked serious concerns in China as the CPEC is the flagship project of President Xi's pet multi-billion BRI.

Destiny 2 is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its launch on Battle.net by making itself free until November 18th.

Now that Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are both out, I'm sure Destiny 2's player count is shrinking, and that spells potential losses for any service game. When you log into the client, you will be notified of a gift which will allow you to claim the game. Bungie should see an influx of players that potentially turn into long-term payers via in-game microtransactions and/or Forsaken DLC purchases (especially once people realize they're locked out of specific activities for not having the expansions).

Disclosure: Blizzard sponsored the correspondent's flights and hotel for BlizzCon 2018.