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"Which will be the fastest sports vehicle on every dimension", he said.

Currently, Tesla has Model S, Model X, Model 3 and the Roadster in their offering.

"That seemed extremely boring", Musk said of settling for concrete or steel blocks prior to the launch. They're now beyond Mars, SpaceX says.

It's a nice tie-in with the words "DON'T PANIC!" that appear on the Roadster's dashboard display, another reference to Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide - the words appear on the cover in the story.

Until then, Starman is going to continue its road trip through the galaxy with David Bowie's 1969 hit "Space Oddity" blaring out into the noiseless vacuum of space.

Now, it seems that SpaceX and Tesla will work together once more, as Musk took to Twitter on June 10 to inform his 21.9 million followers that the new Roadster will come with a SpaceX option package that will include roughly 10 rocket thrusters placed around the vehicle.

Democrats reclaim US House
Three states could elect their first African-American governors, while several others were running LGBT candidates and Muslims. Nearly a quarter of voters considered immigration to be the top issue, while another one-fifth said it was the economy.

The probe, led by SEC investigators in San Francisco, touches on questions that have been raised by Tesla investors and former employees into whether the company had truthfully conveyed its progress in producing its futuristic, battery-powered cars. That's quite the trek for a Tesla Roadster, which has exceeded its 36,000-mile warranty about 10,000 times.

Nine months is a long time; it's long enough to have a baby.

In the future, SpaceX hopes to use the Falcon Heavy to launch larger satellites into Earth orbit and on missions to Mars. The whole thing weighs more than three million pounds, or around the same as 316 hippos.

The electric vehicle got to this point, nine months after launch, the Falcon Heavy, on 6 February 2018.

The successful test launch also marked the introduction of the world's most powerful rocket now in operation. Joe Raedle/Getty Images The rocket could soon be outclassed by the company's next rocket, the BFR, scheduled to start hop tests at the Boca Chica facility next year ahead of a planned mission to Mars.

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