While DeSantis has promised continuity with the Rick Scott era, those who have covered state government throughout his eight years know that some of the harshest battles were between the populist right in the state House and the more pragmatic Senate.

"Just want to say, earlier this hour we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race".

Gillum also spoke to the crowd about the issues that caused him to run for office and said his message to Trump and DeSantis is clear, "The politics of hatred and separation have come to an end".

"This sounds like an oxymoron, but hear me out".

Turnout was impressive both before and on Election Day.

He added: "And I think that part of it is that fundamentally, Republicans understand that they're in the minority, so they always vote like their lives depend on it".

DeSantis defended Trump as the campaign closed. His rally was held in Orange County, which has the third largest bloc of GOP Hispanic voters in the state, although its 28,000 voters are overshadowed by 275,000 Hispanic Republicans in Miami-Dade County.

Gillum called DeSantis and conceded victory late Tuesday night.

New Polling Shows Arizona McSally/Sinema Race Back to a Dead Heat
The governor's race in Arizona is widely seen by all polls and analysts as a safe win for incumbent Republican Doug Ducey. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally tie at 46 percent apiece among Arizona likely voters.

DeSantis and his supporters accused Gillum of being dishonest and corrupt for accepting a ticket from an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent to the popular Broadway show "Hamilton", and traveling to Costa Rica and other places with lobbyist Adam Corey. Footage of the exchange went viral across the nation, let alone in Florida.

In addition, DeSantis skipped his post-primary honeymoon phase when the very next morning he said that Florida voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Gillum, the first black nominee of either major party in Florida's race for governor. Adam Putman, DeSantis' opponent in the Republican primary, was arguably better-known and objectively better-funded. "That is something our opponent has a bad track record in", Nunez said.

In recent days, developers Don Peebles and Jeff Greene each gave $100,000 to Forward Florida, a political action committee supporting Gillum.

As governor, DeSantis has said he aims to stop illegal immigration, sign anti-abortion legislation into law, accelerate small business growth, restore the Everglades and improve classroom spending in order to retain and recruit teachers, among other things. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - where Democratic incumbent Tom Wolf easily won re-election on Tuesday - are typically Democratic states that swung to Trump in 2016, handing him the presidency.

DeSantis and his wife, Casey, appeared before supporters at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando shortly after 11:15 p.m, after receiving a concession call from Gillum.

Gillum, a liberal Democrat, and DeSantis, who has tried to imitate Trump in every way, provided voters with a pretty intense contrast.

In a shocking upset, Mayor Andrew Gillum lost to an open racist for governor of Florida.