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Trump said that if the Democrats plan to "waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level", then Republicans "will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level".

Kennedy, host of "Kennedy" on Fox Business Network, said President Trump endorsed Rep. Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker because she's the "perfect foil for him".

"We always knew these races are going to be close", said Rep. Katherine Clark of MA, co-chair of House Democrats' recruitment efforts.

Democrats will now be able to block legislation and light a fire under Trump's feet with investigations of his opaque finances and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Several major races are still pending.

In Florida, GOP candidate Rick Scott appears to have defeated Democratic Sen. Trump, like he did on Wednesday, has occasionally talked up bipartisan negotiations on issues like immigration reform, only to eventually pull back and side with Republican hardliners and step up his own anti-immigrant attacks.

Nearly all of the House Democratic gains came from the suburbs: They are projected to flip over two dozen seats in primarily suburban districts, sweeping out once-comfortable Republican incumbents including Reps. Republicans have picked up at least one seat in the Senate, with races in Arizona and MS remaining undecided. And the Democrats could see a struggle inside the party over how aggressively to confront the Trump administration.

"It really could be a handsome, bipartisan type of situation".

The congresswoman-elect for Michigan's 13th district, said she drew strength from being a "proud Palestinian-American, woman and Muslim". "They don't see politics as the arena in which they want to serve their community, and this did flip for us certainly after that election".

Democrats will take over committees when the next Congress convenes in January, giving them the power to hold hearings, call witnesses and issue subpoenas to administration officials.

Asked why she was confident she could achieve bipartisanship, she quoted civil rights icon Martin Luther King and former President Ronald Reagan as inspiration.

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The area's white and vastly rural profile outside Cincinnati is part of what is expected to keep OH from springing back easily for Democrats, Hamilton County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou said.

He said infrastructure spending will be an area of potential cooperation.

Beyond that, LePage made the Legislature's work more hard by often refusing to allow members of his Cabinet or other top administration officials to provide testimony to legislative committees.

"I think she deserves it", he told reporters. He's confirmed so many circuit judgesmany of whom are strongly anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights and anti-voting rights, and almost all of whom are ideologues handpicked by the conservative Federalist Society ― that 1 in 7 seats on the US circuit courts are now filled by judges nominated by Trump.

He said that holds true for the spending bills Congress must still negotiate by early December. We know the electoral consequences of felon enfranchisement are not huge, but they could matter in very close races. That 20% is five times the percentage who disliked George W. Bush but liked his policies when he lost the House in 2006, and 10 times the share that disliked Barack Obama in 2013.

He said he was waiting on the Florida results and possible recount, and said Arizona is "not close to over" with perhaps 600,000 ballots still outstanding.

"And Barbara Comstock was another one", he said. Voters Tuesday sent an all-Democratic congressional delegation to Washington, including Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Joe Donnelly in IN and Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Jon Tester squeaked out a victory in Montana. But there again, what Trump did in those states was to produce a return to basic political identity in red states and red House districts, while Democrats used Trump and hot-button political issues such as health care to do the same in blue states and blue House districts.

Beyond the specifics of who comprises the Senate Republican conference, Tuesday's outcome also boosts Trump by widening the Senate's Republican majority. For a long time, Democrats have really been struggling at the state level, so that shift is a big deal. Those Illinois victories contributed to the Democrats winning control of the House.

Some 17 races were still being contested, including a large swath in California.

After the last votes are counted, Democrats will likely command more than two-thirds of the nation's suburban seats.