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Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally tie at 46 percent apiece among Arizona likely voters.

Both Sinema (88 percent) and McSally supporters (88 percent) have a high degree of vote certainty, and equal numbers of Democrats (50 percent) and Republicans (50 percent) are extremely interested in the election. "The race has tightened and it's fitting that the victor will be decided based on who can best turn out out their voters on Election Day".

An Economist/YouGov poll has new insight about American attitudes towards the massive Honduran immigrant "caravan" as it approaches the USA southern border.

The overall gap has tightened by two points since the previous edition of the poll, and the poll results are far tighter in the most important areas - even within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 3.53 points.

Less than a week ago, an OH Predictive/ABC15 had McSally leading by seven percentage points.

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Since a poll on October 22, the largest change was a surge in Democratic ballots in Pima County, according to the release.

"A Republican turnout operation will be crucial to combat Democratic excitement", the OHPI release concluded.

The governor's race in Arizona is widely seen by all polls and analysts as a safe win for incumbent Republican Doug Ducey.

Garcia and Sinema have refused to endorse each other, leading many political watchers to wonder if the lack of unity will impact Democratic turnout.