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They also sport sleek new designs, with the Pixel 3 XL in particular having gotten a much-needed modern overhaul that includes a better screen-to-body ratio than we've ever seen on any other Pixel phone.

Both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL come with 4gb of RAM, which means they should be able to handle several complex actions at once. So, why have they been disappointing? The phone will still notify you with a sound or vibrate, but no actual notification shows up on the display - at least until you reboot the phone, which fixes the issue until you put the phone on the Pixel stand to recharge again.

'First, starting out in English in the U.S., Pixel 3's on-device AI helps you screen phone calls and avoid spam calls.

The price will be the main issue for most consumers.

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Remember how bad the RAM management problems were on Apple's iPhones in iOS 11? Seeing as how Night Site was a big selling point for the Pixel 3 you shouldn't expect anything official to arrive soon, but you can get the OnePlus 6 version on the XDA forums and the 6T's on Google Drive. Super Res Zoom makes up for the Pixel 3's lack of optical zoom by using computation photography to sharpen in details when you zoom in. Although not the first Chrome OS tablet to hit the market, it is the first flagship Chrome OS tablet to come from Google itself signaling that the company is serious about moving the platform forward.

According to a Google spokesperson, this update will fix the memory issues by keeping "background apps from being prematurely closed".

Gogole boasts its AI will allow the Pixel 3 to answer calls for you. We know we would definitely be annoying if performing simple tasks was enough to crash a music stream in the background on our phone. Instead, the 12-megapixel camera on both phones has been updated with machine-learning powered tools aimed at improving the pictures you take. This update should be landing on devices "in the coming weeks", claims the report.