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Flu shots are available at no cost with no co-pay through most healthcare providers and public health insurances.

So, which is a better bet for your child?

Atlanta pediatrician and WebMD medical editor Dr. Hansa Bhargava agrees. "We are still at the beginning of flu season, so now is the time to get the vaccine", said Dr. Jennifer Avegno, New Orleans Health Department Director.

Ott says influenza is very contagious and can spread quickly and easily, one can pass on the flu to others 48 hours before experiencing symptoms.

Flu season has returned as the fall transitions into winter.

The AAP recommends the nasal spray as backup to the shot, for kids afraid of needles, or pediatricians who run out of the injectable vaccine.

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"You may have a few days after you get your flu shot where you perhaps aren't feeling 100 percent", Han said. "And, if it's the right candidate, I would certainly let them have it".

The department said the seasonal flu vaccine protects against three or four influenza viruses this year, and that several different types of vaccine are available.

"Typically, it has to be a healthy person between the ages of 2 and 49", Bhargava explains.

By this time past year, ADHS had counted 259 cases in Arizona, which ballooned to more than 35,570 for the season, with 1,178 deaths due to flu or pneumonia. Influenza can be especially unsafe for people with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, young children, and people older than 65.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta says about 80% of the children who died were not vaccinated against the flu.

Children 9 and older need only 1 vaccination, regardless of their vaccine history. Older men and women may, however, get extra protection from a single shot of high-dose flu vaccine.Outside of these groups in which safety and efficacy have been proven, one should not take a booster dose of influenza vaccine on the theory that it would be, at worst, harmless.