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"Bill Nelson's entire campaign has been a fraud".

In lengthy remarks to reporters and a flurry of tweets written en route to Paris, Trump said Democrats are "miraculously" finding votes in some Florida counties.

Information provided by The News Service of Florida.

In court, the attorney for Broward county conceded that Broward County was under a legal obligation to produce the records, but claimed that Snipes was too busy counting ballots to comply with the law.

The information sought includes ballots not yet reviewed by the Canvassing Board, absentee ballots and early voting ballots.

"With today's filing, their desperation has driven them to ask the federal courts to allow voter fraud", Scott campaign manager Jackie Schutz Zeckman said. Later, she ran for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and won.

Scott holds a razor-thin lead over Nelson.

Florida machine recounts are triggered when the margin between the candidates is below 0.5 of 1 percent; a hand recount takes place when that margin diminishes to a quarter percent.

David Lublin, a professor of government at American University, dismissed suggestions that corruption was to blame, and said the latest statements by Trump and Scott "are highly irresponsible". With a U.S. Senate race on the line, one might think this deserves a somewhat believable explanation. But an election summary report sent out Friday afternoon shows incumbent Sen. Scott also had harsh words for Nelson, who hired a lawyer after election night.

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Democrat Bill Nelson is suing the Florida Secretary of State and demanding the state count all provisional and mail-in ballots deemed to have a signature mismatch.

Earlier, Trump had a lot to say about Broward County's elections process as a whole.

Elias said it was "not appropriate" for a governor to suggest he was going to "interject his law enforcement authority to prevent the counting of ballots that have been legally cast". "And the judge just smacked her down and said, 'It's time to open up the doors, because you're doing everything in secret, '" Watters added.

A lawyer for Democratic U.S. Sen. However, in the days after the election, votes that continued to file in tightened the race further, leading to the possibility of a state-mandated recount more likely.

Scott's emergency complaint accused Snipes, the Broward County supervisor of elections, of being "unwilling to disclose records revealing how many electors voted, how many ballots have been canvassed, and how many ballots remain to be canvassed", and charges that the uncertainty "raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process". He's asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate. "The margin does continue to close as a result of lawful ballots", Elias told reporters Friday morning in a conference call.

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and readying for a possible state-mandated recount.

But her page on the state's website begged to differ. Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis won that race according to Election Night returns, and Andrew Gillum, the progressive Democratic mayor of Tallahassee conceded. As of Thursday night, Scott was ahead of Nelson by just 0.18 points.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel said it analyzed voting patterns and found that of Broward ballots already counted, thousands made the unlikely choice of voting in lower-profile contests like for agriculture commissioner, but not for Senate, the marquee race on the ballot.