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Health leaders say you can get the flu anytime throughout the year, but they see an increase in cases when the temperatures begin to drop. The flu was cited in 1,178 deaths in the state last year, compared with a five-year average of 740 flu-related deaths, according to health department data. When scientists tested an intranasal formulation in mice, it provided complete protection against a raft of human flu strains. Officials say it takes about two weeks after the vaccination for antibodies that protect against the flu to develop in the body.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that everyone older than six months get a flu vaccine each year. For needle-adverse kids, parents can instead opt for immunization with FluMist, a nasal product that targets the same four strains. The flu shot will only be available while supplies last. "That's the one that can be quite severe for seniors particularly", said Murti.

"By the way, I understand is that the flu virus circulating this year is a little nastier than usual, makes people a little bit sicker".

That's been the experience in Australia, as the Southern Hemisphere comes to the end of its influenza season.

"We hope that we might follow them this year", Murti said of this year's experience Down Under.

The 2017-2018 flu season was one of the deadliest in decades, killing more than 80,000 people.

Yes, unfortunately because sometimes you may be exposed to a flu virus shortly before getting vaccinated, or because you may be exposed to a type of flux that is not included in the seasonal flu vaccine.

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3D print of influenza virus.

Myth: Getting the flu is not that serious. But if you are going to get it, you should get it now.

Hoosiers are urged to get vaccinated.

"So I think we can't be complacent around trying to get the best protection we can".

Some people are at higher risk of flu-related complications, such as pneumonia, hospitalization and death. Sometimes these viruses manage to infect people; on occasion, they go on to evolve the molecular equipment necessary to travel from person to person.These catastrophic crossovers can cause pandemics.

Those most vulnerable to complications include very young children, the elderly, people with underlying heart and respiratory conditions, and those with weakened immune systems.