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Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically said Pakistan will no longer fight others' war and those who had been asking Pakistan to "do more" now want us to mediate between the Afghan warlords and the US-backed Afghan government. The government's grip on the country continues to slip and its forces are suffering such high casualties that U.S. commanders believe they are not sustainable.

Khan also termed the U.S. policy of declaring people criticizing American policies as "imperialistic approach".

In his interview, Khan expressed hope that talks with India would resume after the Lok Sabha elections due by May next year.

He further asserted that "if there are a few hundred, maybe 2,000 to 3,000 Taliban who move into Pakistan, they could easily move into these Afghan refugee camps". "They said that we have time and time again asked the Americans, 'Can you tell us where the sanctuaries are, and we will go after them?' There are no sanctuaries in Pakistan", he told the Post.

Trump wrote a letter to Prime Minister Khan earlier this week.

The former cricketer told the newspaper he was merely "setting the record straight" with Mr Trump "saying Pakistan was the reason for these sanctuaries [for Taliban leaders]". This comes soon after the United States asked Pakistan for help facilitating the Afghan peace process.

He brought up Pakistan's relations with China as a positive example as opposed to "one-dimensional" relationship with Washington.

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The premier said that the country had received monetary help from Saudi Arabia, China and the United Arab Emirates, but said the latter two countries wanted the figures to remain "confidential".

"Taking concrete steps that deny VEO safe havens in Pakistan, as well as VEO freedom of movement from Pakistan to Afghanistan, remains an important task that Pakistan needs to fulfil".

He said a wrong impression had been created by the country's leadership in the past that Pakistan would be harmed if it did not fight someone else's war in Afghanistan.

Ghafoor reiterated Pakistan's influence with the insurgent group has diminished over the years, but said Pakistan will use "whatever contacts we have" to facilitate the Afghan peace effort. Now I'm happy that everyone realises there is only a political solution. "It has to be a regional solution, not just a solution centred in Afghanistan", he said. "Resolving that case is in our interest because it was an act of terrorism", the Pak PM had said.

"In this regard, he has sought Pakistan's support and facilitation", it continued. "From Pakistan's point of view, we do not want the Americans to leave Afghanistan in a hurry like they did in 1989". "Already, we have investors coming into Pakistan", he said. "It will be hard to reach a settlement without some form of assistance from Pakistan". I had gone on television and warned everyone that we will stand by the Supreme Court verdict.

"Ambassador Khalilzad stressed the United States' commitment to facilitating a political settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban that ensures Afghanistan never again serves as a platform for worldwide terrorism and ends the 40-years-long war in the country", noted the embassy statement.