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They would allow the legislature to intervene in lawsuits and give oversight of campaign finance law to a commission, thus taking power away from the incoming Democratic attorney general and secretary of state. Republicans lost both seats in the November election.

Republican's willingness to engage in this sort of bad faith legislating should not be tolerated by the state's voters-the majority of whom voted for Democrats in state legislative races this year, too, by the way.

"The will of the people has officially been ignored by the Legislature", Evers said Wednesday.

On Thursday, Democrats revealed a strategy to sell the sweeping reform proposal to the American people and Republicans: introducing key sections piece-by-piece, convincing the American people to support it, then pressuring congressional Republicans to pass the whole package.

One of the new measures would limit early voting to a period of two weeks, a substantial cut for places like Milwaukee, where Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans.

A public policy analyst contends that Republicans would be very upset if Democrats did what the lame duck Republican leadership is doing in Wisconsin.

In another newly approved bill, Evers would also have to seek legislative approval before modifying a federal Medicaid waiver that would affect childless adults under age 50 who make less than the federal poverty level - about $12,000 a year.

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Outgoing Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) intends on signing the measure. That measure is awaiting a final legislative vote in the state Assembly. If you think a powerful executive branch is fine when the governor is wearing a Team Red jersey but not when he's wearing a Team Blue jersey (or vice versa), then it doesn't seem like you're actually anxious about the separation of powers at all.

On the heels of significant Democratic midterm victories in MI and Wisconsin, the Republican-controlled legislatures in both states have advanced plans to limit the authority of the states' newly elected governors.

Perhaps recent court rulings redrawing district lines in some states, or even the mid-term election results, caused counter legislative acts in Wisconsin and MI, but while these will make governing for Democrats in those states more hard, they're not illegal, says a constitutional law expert at Washington University in St. Louis. One Republican notably broke ranks and also voted against it.

"This is a heck of a way to run a railroad", Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling said as the Senate debate resumed at 5 a.m. Wednesday after a seven-hour impasse. "You will go down in history as a disgrace", he added, as he and other Democrats employed hyperbolic rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vos insisted the moves satisfy the will of the voters. "To me, it's about the institution". That would stop Evers and Kaul from fulfilling their campaign promises to withdraw Wisconsin from a multi-state lawsuit seeking repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The GOP-backed legislation will prevent Evers from enacting several policy changes.

Republicans dispute criticism that the legislation would undermine the role of the attorney general. Democrats would likely need a permanent injunction to stop the changes for good, but Republicans would nearly certainly pursue appeals all the way to the state Supreme Court, which is controlled by conservative justices.

With all of the idiotic scare talk about foreign enemies meddling in our elections, we're beginning to realize that our elections are not threatened by outside forces like the evil Russians or the inscrutable Chinese, but rather our elections are threatened by internal, domestic election officials of the Democrat persuasion.