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Go back to the moon, we're going to Mars, we're going further than the solar system.

Right now, Jurczyk said, he and others in the space agency's leadership are laser-focused on test launches for its, a competition for private companies to build and launch American-made spaceships. See larger. [Image: NASA] The companies will work in tandem with ongoing NASA lunar exploration. The Apollo astronauts deployed them during their moon landings, but placing additional reflectors on the moon would enable precise measurements of its gravity.

"Today's announcement marks tangible progress in America's return to the Moon's surface to stay", announced Bridenstine during a public event held Thursday. In a news release, NASA said that "w$3 orking with us companies is the next step to achieving long-term scientific study and human exploration of the Moon and Mars".

National Aeronautics and space administration chose 9 space companies that will compete for contracts worth $2.6 billion to develop technologies to reach and explore the moon. Namely, that the United States would be returning to it "sooner than we might think".

The US President signed the Space Policy Directive in December past year, officially announcing a return to the lunar surface as the near-term goal of NASA's human space programme.

The goal is to get science and technology experiments to the surface of the moon as soon as possible, and the first flight could be next year. "That foil collected material from the sun and provided the best measurements of the sun we had for the next 25 years".

MBS and Vladimir Putin are all smiles at G20 summit
The crown prince patted Mr Putin's hand three times for emphasis as the two leaders took their seats next to each other. In the audio, it is possible to make out the prince saying "don't worry", to which Macron responds "I am worried".

"We didn't want to wait until after there's an accident, because we don't believe there's going to be an accident, but we wanted to make sure that we do that assessment early and not after the fact".

Rogozin informed that the firm was struggling with financial burdens, but there was a clear five-year plan that would lead to a new age of space technology, reported The Sun. Under Space Policy Directive-1, the agency will lead an innovative and sustainable exploration of the Moon together with commercial and global partners. Bridenstine insisted that this time things would be different.

"This is part of the president's Space Policy Directive 1, where he directed me, as the NASA administrator, to go to the moon and to go with commercial partners". And the agency has some experience with it.

Bridenstein's comments come in the wake of probes he ordered into workplace culture at SpaceX and Boeing, the two companies that have multimillion-dollar contracts with the space agency to fly its astronauts. NASA astronauts last landed there in 1972, and no USA spacecraft has touched down on the lunar surface in one piece since then. Some of the elements are now under construction on Earth. NASA has formally revealed that it has contacted 9 companies who are now able to launch bids to create the rocket/lander for the next Moon mission.

The NASA official has had "a number of conversations" with Musk, and is seemingly convinced in the businessman's commitment to safety.