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The animal rights group posted what it must have thought was a helpful graphic suggesting animal lovers stop using oppressive phrases like "kill two birds with one stone" and replace them with kinder, gentler alternatives like "feed two birds with one scone".

The tweet led to outrage online, with Hannah Else believes that changing idioms is not the solution.

A tweet from PETA on the issue has sparked debate online, with the organization stating that our language should evolve along with our understanding of social justice.

"Mentally abusing entire minorities is now being treated the same as saying phrases that have animals in them".

With the tweet, PETA, a high-profile animal rights organisation, have managed to drive their agenda while sounding tongue-in-cheek at the same time.

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For instance, rather than saying, "bring home the bacon", PETA suggested saying, "bring home the bagels". In place of taking "the bull by the horns", how about taking "the flower by the thorns?"

PETA responded to the criticism Wednesday, asking the "haters" to "lighten up" and for more suggestions on anti-speciesist language.

Sometimes that means picking on people (who retaliate in the most hilarious ways), and sometimes that means tweeting some wild sh*t that even the most strict vegan has to roast them for on Twitter.

"Any chance you had of getting my respect is gone @peta", one Twitter user wrote.