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Other carriers have, unsurprisingly, called foul over AT&T's misleading marketing (which may actually have to do with the fact that it had blindsided them). However, it also still means people using "5G Evolution" devices will need to purchase a newer smartphone in order to experience true 5G speeds.

"What we're trying to do is two things".

However, the move has been widely mocked by AT&T's rivals who have no plans to follow suit, while critics will argue consumers will be confused and misled.

"I think the result of last month, beating the industry out [with the 5G hotspot], and this 5G E launch a couple of days ago, our competitors are frustrated", Donovan said. In response to AT&T's antics, Verizon took out full-page ads in The Wall Street ...

Verizon took a minute to stand on a soapbox this morning and warn the wireless industry that they shouldn't over sell 5G.

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While the medical professionals are treating some influenza B, the strain of the virus physicians are seeing most is influenza A. The flu season is well under way across the United States, with 24 states reporting widespread influenza activity.

"We're seeing more lines per account", Verizon Wireless President Ronan Dunne said at the Citi TMT West investor conference on Tuesday.

T-Mobile's outperformance of even Verizon's surprisingly strong numbers is a signal that it's continuing to take the most market share among US carriers.

Verizon has promised to only label products "5G" if the device is actually delivering improved performance equal to 5G capabilities.

The Verizon exec even promised that his company wouldn't make the same mistake: "Verizon is making this commitment today: We won't take an old phone and just change the software to turn the 4 in the status bar into a 5". Case in point is AT&T, which is getting a lot of flak for its "5G E" label on certain smartphones. Donovan's comment about creating a narrative suggests the company is well aware of this.