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New York City will spend up to $100 million a year to expand health care coverage to people without health insurance, including immigrants who are in the US illegally, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.

Not only will NY be a sanctuary city, Mayor de Blasio will now seek $100 million in new spending to provide full comprehensive healthcare for all, including its undocumented immigrants. It will cover costs for medical, mental health and substance abuse issues, he adds.

In a tweet, de Blasio said the plan will "ensure the first stop for people isn't the emergency room".

That means that those 600,000 New Yorkers' medical care would cost an average of just $167 per person, a laughably low estimate at the cost of a medical care visit.

The mayor touted the program as a step toward universal health care.

Indeed, NYC Care would be a mix of insurance and direct spending, and Mr.de Blasio said it would take about two years to get up and running. In this city, we're taking that ideal and putting it into practice. The initiative also coincides with the start of the 2020 presidential election cycle as calls for universal coverage - often called Medicare-for-all - are emerging as a rallying cry among potential Democratic aspirants.

It will also guarantee health care access to those ineligible for insurance, including illegal immigrants who live in NY.

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"While numerous details of this plan still need to be expanded upon, and much relies on the implementation strategy of that plan, I am excited that both physical and mental health are taken into consideration", said Williams.

"I refuse the notion that these folks don't deserve health care", the mayor said of undocumented immigrants. "In this city, we're gonna make that a reality", de Blasio said during a news conference. We want people to have primary care, specialty care. "Get used to this criticism-you're going to hear a lot of it".

The news, however, came with a caveat; although overall deaths declined, the number of pedestrians killed in traffic increased previous year, city officials noted last week.

Half of that group can't get health insurance due to their immigration status, de Blasio said, while the remainder includes young people who don't think they need coverage and people who find the Affordable Care Act exchanges unaffordable or hard to navigate. Mayor de Blasio is an expert at unveiling cloud-castles and proclaiming himself a master builder.

Correct. NYC already has a public option. Currently, individuals making up to $48,000 per year and families of four earning up to $98,000 can receive federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

Starting this summer, the city officials said, they will work to enroll undocumented residents through New York City Health + Hospitals, a network of public hospitals and clinics across the five boroughs. Finding them homes, health care, food etc. help them first.